How to Reap Bhunamanasana Benefits to the Maximum?

Bhunamanasana benefits

What is Bhunamanasana?

The word Bhunamanasana is derived from three Sanskrit terms

  • Bhu meaning Earth
  • Naman dictating to Greet
  • Asana referring to a Posture or Pose

Thus, that indicates Bhunamanasana on the whole means “Greeting the Earth Pose.”

Now, let’s get to know what Bhunamanasana yoga is? What is the method to Bhunamanasana? And, how to get maximum Bhunamanasana benefits?

Bhunamanasana Definition

Bhunamanasana is one of the most popular and traditional Hatha Yoga Poses. In addition, according to the body posture’s proportion, this pose is also commonly known as “Spinal Twist Prostration Pose.” In general, it is a yoga pose wherein an individual sits on a flat ground precisely in a unique position in which

  • The upper half of the body bends forward to touch the ground
  • And the legs of the person doing this yoga are extended straight on both sides without any bend.

By having this posture, the individual bows down and greet Mother Earth.

Is it difficult to do Bhunamanasana yoga?

However, after listening about Bhunamanasana steps, you may be elevating and wondering about its difficulty level and how challenging it may be. But as you know, practice makes a man perfect. As soon as you try making this pose regularly in your routine, you will soon be able enough to make this pose instantly without any difficulty. Moreover, doing this yoga every day not only you will get maximum health benefits of Bhunamanasana. But also, you will be closer to nature and ta beauty with each day of frequent practice. So, try it for sure.

How to do Bhunamanasana?

Starting Position: Sit with straight legs extended out on both sides

Concentration: You must keep your entire concentration and focus on the twist of your spine

Breath: Your breathing pattern should be precisely coordinated with your yoga movement

Repetitions: You must practice this famous Bhunamanasana yoga pose three times on each side.

Bhunamanasana Steps

  1. First of all, spread a yoga mat on a flat surface and sit straight on it with your back straight in line.
  2. Then, extend out your both legs on either side without bending at knees.
  3. During this, try to keep your back relaxed and straight as much as possible.
  4. After that, rest your hands on your thighs.
  5. Start inhaling maximum air with long breaths.
  6. Raise both your arms high above to your shoulder level.
  7. Then exhale the air breathed in previously.
  8. After that, tilt the upper body region slightly backward and twist to the left side.
  9. While at the same time, place your hand on the ground behind the body.
  10. Slightly bend the arms and simultaneously bring the forehead slightly ahead towards the floor, such as to bow down to mother Earth.
  11. During this whole time, try to keep your body and legs properly in a straight line.
  12. Remember, your right-side buttock should be maximally close to the ground.
  13. Inhale air once again with both your arms stretched straight out to the front.
  14. Then exhale it back while coming back to your starting position.
  15. Repeat the entire procedure on the left side.

Practice these Bhunamanasana steps almost three times on each side. Finally, in the last round of this exercise, stay in the twisting position for some time while breathing normally.

Significant Bhunamanasana Benefits   

Although Bhunamanasana seems a bit challenging exercise to practice, trust us, once you incorporate it into your everyday routine, you will find it as simple as several other yoga poses. Once you get a grip over it, you will start reaping Bhunamanasana benefits that no other yoga pose can give you.

Physical Benefits 

So given below are a few physical Bhunamanasana benefits to motivate you, especially if you want to have an improved body posture with extraordinary strength:

  1. It strengthens the entire thoracic spine of an individual doing it. Also, it dramatically enhances its flexibility.
  2. With slightly twisting your spine and back, the muscles present around your rib cage get more and more strength over time.
  3. The Bhunamanasana yoga pose remarkably improves the overall alignment of joints and bones in the body, especially in the back and around the hip region.
  4. In addition, it also makes your shoulders, neck, and arm muscles flexible.
  5. Furthermore, it enhances the strength of quadriceps muscles primarily located around the legs.
  6. For more Bhunamanasana benefits visit:

Health Benefits 

Moreover, coming towards the health benefits of Bhunamanasana, some most significant ones are:

  1. It dramatically enhances the natural functionalities of vital internal body organs.
  2. Reduces extra body fat and helps prevent obesity.
  3. Help you breathe appropriately while inhaling and exhaling maximum fresh air.
  4. Tones abdominal muscles and helps in bowel movements.
  5. Open the Anja Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.
  6. Significantly regulates the Thyroid Gland’s function.
  7. Significantly Improves Digestion.
  8. Surprisingly help in the cure of Hemorrhoids.
  9. Some people also do this pose to treat urinary issues.
  10. Last but not least, it quickly loosens up the waistline. Thus, this yoga pose offers tremendous Bhunamanasana benefits to active individuals such as dancers, and sportspersons.

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