Top 5 Advantages of Business Agility

Business Agility

Most leaders agree that business agility is crucial to the success of business in the modern world. The ability to adapt quickly in the face of sudden and significant change is not only a valuable quality but could be the difference between business growth and business failure. One example of business agility is TechQuarters, who provide IT services in London. As an agile business, they were able to quickly adapt to COVID-19, and have been running well and even experienced growth in the past 2 years. They spoke to us about the top advantages of adopting an agile business approach.


Agile business frameworks usually encompass streamlining workflows, increasing connectivity between users and resources, and increased autonomy among teams and employees. All of these are proven to greatly increase the productivity of a business – for instance, TechQuarters cites connectivity and streamlined workflows as the key reason their IT support services are so effective. The goal of business agility is to enable a business to adapt quickly to take advantage of new opportunities and mitigate threats. To do this, a business must change their approach to work and strategies, but they must also implement solutions to make working easier and more streamlined, and they must re-evaluate their existing processes and policies, and find ways to make them more efficient.

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Business Value

When a business is more productive, they are able to get more work done in less time. This can easily translate to a better and more efficient service delivered to customers. Another goal of business agility should be to add value in the eyes of customers. High overheads within a business naturally leads to higher prices for customers. But in the other direction, cost efficiency within a business means the organisation can pass savings onto their customers. For example, the IT managed services London businesses get from TechQuarters is cost effective, because TechQuarters themselves have worked to make their own organisation as efficient as they can. Combine that with a more efficient and productive service, you are very quickly adding a great deal of value.

What is more, if the definition of business agility is the ability to adapt to changes and take advantage of new opportunities – the value of these qualities are self-evident.


We operate in a business world that is very fast paced, and is changing all the time. New technologies, changes in customer habits, and even social changes and mass events (like COVID-19) can all lead to disruptions in markets. Disruptions are not always bad things, however. Disruptions can lead to innovations, if a business is equipped for survival, and has the mindset to assess how a disruption can be turned into a competitive advantage. Business agility can lead companies to finding brilliant new ways of operating and delivering services to their customers – it is all about taking changes in your stride and considering how you can work with them.

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A major quality of business agility is teamwork. Teams are the primary way in which businesses complete projects. One of the biggest steps in fostering business agility is giving teams autonomy, and also enabling efficient communication and collaboration. It is an observed fact that employees have more job satisfaction when they are given autonomy, and they tend to work better and more efficiently knowing that their employers trust them. Fostering a culture of teamwork is both a necessary step and a positive side effect of agile business frameworks.


Agile business have a much better rate of survival than businesses that stick to traditional frameworks and ideologies. As we have described, the modern business world changes rapidly and sometimes drastically, therefore it is important for businesses to be resilient, or else they may collapse. But resilience is not just a mindset, it comes from have the right approach to work, implementing the right solutions, and having a workforce that is enthusiastic and productive.

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