How To Sell Ringtones On iTunes (and Earn Money)?

Many individuals personalize their phones by using ringtones that are made up of bits of music, recordings, or sound. These ringtones establish a unique signature that not only identifies the phone, but also expresses personalities and musical taste. You can also make sell ringtones online to everyone who appreciates your unique musical mixes, messaging, or sound combinations. Keep in mind that the musical ringtones produced do not violate any copyright laws because you are using someone else’s music without permission.

The best way of selling a ringtone is by starting with iTunes. Uploading your ringtone on iTunes is a smart technique and pretty easy. Adding your ringtones and alert tones to the Apple Music Store is a lucrative way to earn money. Many talented ringtone creators are squandering this opportunity since they don’t know how to commence it effectively. It’s simple to sell your music on iTunes.

You can try registering on the Apple store, but the easiest way is by trying with a music distributor. They distribute your ringtone on all major platforms, ensuring that your fans are available to get it wherever and whenever they need it. The best part about music distributors is that they send a major share of the purchase amount to you keeping a maximum of 15% of the sold price. Isn’t it a great deal?

MusicDigi is the simplest way to sell ringtones on iTunes. You simply create your song and upload it to the MusicDigi website. MusicDigi offers songs on iTunes as well as other key platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. Simply log in to the site, create your music, pick a price for your ringtone, choose the store where you want to publish, and start earning money and royalties through MusicDigi once your ringtone is purchased or listened to on various music platforms.

Uploading Ringtones Directly on iTunes

iTunes is a well-liked online music shop all over the world. It’s recommended to sell your songs online to iTunes as a newcomer to make it simple for fans to concentrate on them. TuneCore is the programming that enables music to be uploaded to iTunes and other digital music shops.

The benefit of using iTunes is that the TuneCore account pays the music distributor 100% of the money. TuneCore has been assisting various independent music artists throughout the world by putting their tracks on the internet and giving them 100% of their earnings.

To transfer songs to iTunes, create a TuneCore account.

Select the type of release (single/album).

Upload both the cover art and the music to iTunes.

Once the tracks are released, music contributors can be added.

The track will be available on iTunes once TuneCore has authorized it.

View the reports on sales and streaming and keep all the earnings. 

Many ringtones are songs from well-known performers. Keep in mind, however, that using licensed content without the owner’s permission is illegal. Contact the creator or the licensing firm if you want to make ringtones from a popular song, show tune, or other intellectual product.

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