A Beginner’s Guide to a Desk Booking System

Desk Booking System

Facility space is one of the most valuable resources in an organization. However, it is often one of the most underutilized and wasted. The good news is flexible work has grown quite popular especially in the last few years, as companies strive to implement social distancing to fight the pandemic. 

However, flexible employee hours have brought about a new challenge for managers- how to effectively schedule and manage workspace so that employees are satisfied and productive. 

To solve this problem, you need a desk booking system. 

This guide aims to explain what a desk booking system is, what it does, who needs it, and the benefits you can enjoy from having it. 

What Is a Desk Booking System? 

As the name suggests, it is a software program that allows users to book desk space for a particular period. A desk booking system automates specific workspace booking allowing employees to look up availability and book the desks they prefer when they need them directly. 

So, no need for anyone to monitor the process or approve booking as everything is done by the system. 

Who Needs a Desk Booking System?  

A desk booking system is great for companies and organizations looking for an efficient way to social distance their employees without hiccups. So, employees can come in at different times, and there is no instance that everyone is at the workplace at the same time. 

But it is not just employers looking to implement rotational working. A desk booking system can also help you schedule activity-based shared workplaces. Since these spaces are limited, everyone cannot use them simultaneously. So, a system enforces cohesion, as everyone can see when workstations are available and when they are fully booked.  

Benefits of a Desk Booking System 

So, how can your organization benefit from implementing a desk booking system?  

1. Save Time by Automating Reservation 

As a manager, you do not need to manage reservations manually. Users can do it themselves, and the system automatically updates any changes for everyone to see. 

2. Eliminates Space Wastage

Since all users can see and book available desks in real-time, you minimize space wastage. No time lags in between different users. 

3. Reduces Conflicts 

If you do desk booking manually, the chances of individuals and teams conflicting on who has the right to use a workspace are high. The reason is tracking and updating changes is slow and difficult. 

4. Provides Data on Space Use

Most importantly, you as the manager can easily track how particular workplaces are utilized. This information can help you spot where improvements are needed to make operations more efficient. 

Make Work Easy and Create Harmony at Work with a Good Desk Booking System 

With desk booking software, no workplace is too small. All you need is a sound desk booking system to ensure fair access and allocation of available resources to your employees. A good desk reservation software makes it easy to book, update, oversee and improve space utilization in your facility. 

Ultimately, you will get to save time and resources while improving efficiency

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