How to Take Care of Your Dunlopillo Mattress – A Guide for Cleaning and Upkeep

Dunlopillo Mattress

How often do you realise that your sleep might be affected by your mattress? Not having a sound sleep might lead to anxiety and stress the next morning. Therefore, it is essential that you invest in a good mattress that not only provides you with comfort but also has health benefits for your body. Dunlopillo mattresses will revive and rejuvenate your body as sleeping on them will help improve the blood circulation in the body. But do you have any idea how often your mattress should be cleaned? A mattress is one of the most regularly used items in the house and yet it gets overlooked. Learning how to properly clean a Dunlopillo mattress will help in maintaining it in good condition.

Why does a mattress need cleaning?
A mattress absorbs sweat, dirt, tears, stains and so on. This indicates that your mattress can get dirty pretty quickly, however, it is alright if you clean it at regular intervals. Apart from the hygiene factor, cleaning your mattress increases the longevity of it. A little care will go a long way!

Get started with cleaning

Cleaning your mattress requires a few steps. First and foremost, it is wise to steer clear of harsh cleaners. The toxic chemicals in these cleaners might soak into the mattress and cause breathing difficulties or other problems for the user later. A vacuum cleaner, a mild soap, cold water, baking soda, rags and laundry detergent are enough to effectively clean Dunlopillo mattresses.

Wash and clean – Washing your bedding thoroughly is the first step. Use hot water so that any dirt or debris is removed from the fabric. After taking care of the bedding, vacuum your mattress. Make sure to not leave out the corners of the mattress.
Cleaning the stains – Use a spot-cleaning solution for any stains and spots. It is impossible to wash the entire mattress, therefore, use the solution on the required areas only. Rub gently with wet rags to slowly lighten the stains. You can use a pinch of baking soda if necessary.
Freshen up – This is a useful tip to take away the smell of the soap from the mattress and leave it smelling fresh. Sprinkle baking soda on the surface and leave it sitting for a couple of hours. If possible, leave the mattress under the sun so that the odour gets removed completely. Once done, vacuum the baking soda.

Before covering the mattress with a bedsheet, you can use a mattress protector on the surface. Dunlopillo mattresses are sturdy and require only a little care from your end at regular intervals to survive over the years. A thorough clean of the mattress will ensure that it maintains its shape and features so that you do not have to invest in another one for a long time.

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