10 best beautiful easy-caring indoor plants

10 best beautiful easy-caring indoor plants

Indoor plants, categorized as “flowering plants” or “green plants”, are still very popular in homes and offices. Among indoor plants, we have our little favorites. We’re giving you the top ten list of best plants for the home or office (but shhh! Don’t tell others). They are beautiful, easy to maintain and are available in small and large sizes. Read on to find your favorite.

10 best Indoor plants

1. Big Ken

1. Big Ken

Big Ken ( the kentia palm ) is quite a fellow who cannot be fooled by difficult conditions. As its long leaves are narrow at the base, it fills a corner of a room wonderfully without taking up too much floor space. Its leaves fall, casting beautiful shadows on the bare walls.

2. Rick

2. Rick

Rick, one of our dracena (also known as “scented dragon tree ”) is a beautiful houseplant that requires little care to grow tall and strong. If you are very lucky, he will even gift you with beautiful little white flowers.

3. Susie, the sansevieria

Susie, the sansevieria

Susie the sansevieria is also known by the funny nickname “mother-in-law’s tongue”. This hardy plant is the perfect companion for beginners, as it does not need to be watered often. It even has magical powers: it is said to help you sleep better by producing oxygen at night.

4. Pippa

moon flower

Pippa, our moon flower , will bring some serenity to your home with its soft dark green foliage and the white flowers that adorn it all year round. It prefers to be in the shade and will perfectly please in the abandoned corners of your home.

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5. Phil, the philodendron

Phil, the philodendron

Phil, the philodendron is a popular houseplant, especially for its heart-shaped leaves that look great. But it’s not just the looks that count: it’s also very easy going in exchange for a little attention.

6. Raven

Raven, the zamioculcas

Raven, our zamioculcas, is a beautiful houseplant with lots of character. It does not go unnoticed with its beautiful black foliage, and it is also very easy to maintain: at Patch, it is one of our favorites.

7. Sharon


With its elegant curved palm leaves, which earned it its name of mountain palm, Sharon is a real beauty that makes us melt. Native to Mexico, Sharon has been one of the most popular indoor plants since the Victorian era. It will easily be enjoyed at home or in the office.

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8. Rapunzel


Rapunzel, our devil’s ivy, is the most versatile plant in our line of low-maintenance indoor plants. Its heart-shaped leaves will spring up elegantly from your shelves or can act as a privacy screen in front of a window. Not content with bringing a touch of greenery to every corner of your home, our Rapunzel also purifies the air you breathe by eliminating unwanted pollutants.

9. Suri


If the idea of ​​adopting a plant scares you, we recommend that you start with a succulent. These little specimens are fiercely independent and virtually self-sufficient: a stunned gardener’s dream. Our collection of succulents offers a wide variety of shapes, textures and colors: you are bound to find what you are looking for.

10. Fidel, the lyre fig tree

10. Fidel, the lyre fig tree

Native to West Africa, Fidel the lyre fig tree will help you transform your interior into a tropical jungle thanks to its characteristic shaped leaves. Don’t be disarmed by its charm: it is resistant and can adapt to all conditions, even if they are not optimal.

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