Interior Doors and Windows in New York – 6 Trends You Can’t-Miss Out On This Year!

If you’ve been living in New York for a while, you’ve probably noticed how obsessed NY homeowners are with interior design.

Home improvement might’ve blown up across the country over the past two years, but it has always been a bustling market in the Empire State. Some of the biggest home improvement and interior design trends first emerge in New York, which is why local homeowners are constantly looking for new trends to follow. Doors and windows are an often understated but crucial aspect of interior design that homeowners should particularly focus on. You might not even realize how much of impact doors and windows make to your home’s overall aesthetic. Take a second to think about what your home would look like if you switched your modern interior doors and windows to outdated styles. Do you understand what we mean now?

Let’s take a look at some of the best interior door and window trends in New York that you need to watch out for this year! They’ll help you stay on top of the latest developments in home design.

Steel French Patio Doors

Who doesn’t love a spacious and ambient patio? Many NY homeowners spend a good amount of time decorating their patio but don’t pay much attention to its entryway. That’s changing now because the importance of a good patio door is becoming more apparent. 

Your patio door can be of any style, but it should always have three important features: large glass panes, a sleek look, and easy mobility. Steel patio doors are often the top choice among NY homeowners simply because they have all of these features. You can install steel patio doors that are modeled after French doors in your home. They’ll immediately enhance the interior aesthetic of your humble abode.

Large Wine Cellar Doors

Not every NY home has a wine cellar, but those that do like to make it a focal point. A wine cellar is a staple of elegance and class, which are qualities that a steel or iron wine cellar door can perfectly emulate. You can make your wine cellar door one of the most appealing aspects of your interior design simply by installing a stunning steel wine cellar door. 

You can find wine cellar doors in various styles, too. If you have sufficient space, go for a double wine cellar door with a flat or fully arched top. If your space is limited, you can simply install a single steel or iron door with large glass panes.

Steel Casement Windows

You might think that nobody ever pays attention to windows in a home, but you’d be wrong! The style, quality, look, and design of the windows in your home can significantly impact its interior design. Unless your windows match the rest of your interior design, there’ll be a general lack of cohesiveness in your home. 

An interior design trend that has recently emerged in New York is casement windows. Casement windows have been around for a long time, but they’re finally becoming a trendy addition to homes again. You can take advantage of this trend by installing steel casement windows in your home. 

Stylish Pantry Doors

Just because most guests don’t typically see your pantry doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on its aesthetics. You still likely use your pantry every day, so you should still make your pantry look as appealing as possible. Luckily, there’s a new trend that makes this task easy to accomplish: stylish black steel pantry doors.

Steel pantry doors come in many different styles, all of which are perfect for giving your home a contemporary upgrade. You can install a new steel sliding door, steel pocket door, or even a steel barn door as the entrance to your pantry. Pantry doors with large glass panes are the smartest choice since they give you a peek inside the pantry without even needing to open the door.


Sleek Home Office Doors

Do you have a home office in your NY home? If so, does it emulate the professional tone of your actual workplace as effectively as you’d like? If the answer to the latter question is no, then you need to replace your office door!

A sleek steel office door may not seem like much, but it can give your home office the professional feel it needs. Thanks to the wide range of styles available in the market, you can even match your office door with the functional needs of your space. If you have limited space, then your top choice should be a steel office door that’s in the style of pocket doors, barn doors, or sliding doors. If you have enough space for swinging doors, then opt for a French office door instead!

Appealing Room Dividers

Room dividers are great for whenever you need a barrier between rooms, but they’re not always the most appealing aspects of your home. You can resolve this issue simply by installing stylish steel or iron room dividers! 

Door manufacturing companies like Pinky’s Iron Doors customize steel and iron entry doors and interior doors for customers all across New York. If you have any specific customizations that you’d like your new doors or windows to have, you can reach out to the company and place an order. Their online shop contains all of the door types and windows mentioned in this post. You can add sidelights or transoms to your doors by ordering from them, too!  

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This guest post has been written by an experienced interior designer in New York. She’s currently working with the renowned door manufacturing company Pinky’s Iron Doors. She has helped design a wide variety of iron interior doors and steel windows as a part of the company. You can find products like steel sliding doors, steel barn doors, iron doors New York, and steel doors New York in the company’s online store. You can also contact the company for more information.

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