Interlocking Deck Tiles for Your Porch

Interlocking Deck Tiles for Your Porch

Are you looking for an amazing DIY porch project? How about interlocking deck tiles, these are easy to install, look fantastic, and you don’t need to hire a contractor to install them. Another great thing about tanzanite interlocking deck tiles is that you can lay them over your existing concrete or wood floor. Not only that, you can lay these tiles over old ceramic tiles, roofing membranes, battered wood, and even on the bare mud ground – if the surface is prepared correctly. 

Experts at Tanzite Stonedecks have created this guide for you for a quick run-down of interlocking deck tiles. 

Deck Tiles

Thinking, why should you choose deck tiles? If you plan to install a new porch floor, consider installing interlocking deck tiles over your existing porch floor/surface. This choice is well worth the cost and looks gorgeous, especially when using tanzite deck tiles

As deck tiles are in no way attached/fastened to the floor, you can change their look or take them with you when you move – we say that is a good, handy and stunning investment!

Advantages of Deck Tiles

Tired of your old dingy floor? The innovative interlocking deck tiles might be the solution!

The deck tiles are perfect for hiding minor cracks and blemishes without needing full renovation work. Before installing the deck tiles, major damage to the existing surfaces can be covered with products to give a cool finished look to the porch floor. 

Scratch Resistant 

Tanzite deck tiles are scratch-resistant – so you don’t have to worry about lugging the porch chairs around, moving the BBQ grill, or the scratches made by your pets.

Less Work 

With interlocking deck tiles, you don’t have to remove the existing structure unless it is not conducive for tile installation. So there is no demolition needed or removal to a landfill. 

Interlocking Pattern 

Interlocking design options are probably the best part about the deck tiles. With tanzite deck tiles, you can create a unique new design of your own. Run a custom border around the perimeter of the porch, design elaborate laying patterns – and mix and match tiles to your heart’s content. 

Quick Installation 

If done right, installing interlocking deck tiles can be a quick and easy job. If you happen to lay tiles on solid flooring, say concrete or wood, you can easily finish a large size porch in a day or even less. The deck tiles are perfect for use on porches, patios, walkways, deck, basements, balconies, pools, rooftops, and hot tubs.

Interlocking Deck Tile Design and Material Options

Interlocking deck tiles can make any space look amazing with minimal effort and the material, look, and design options are endless. Interlocking deck tiles in the market are available in an array of material options, that is including; 


The traditional wooden look is still a hot item in the market, with options available in IPE, walnut, teak, and eucalyptus, to name a few. Though looking good, wooden deck tiles come with many issues and need constant maintenance. Yearly sanding, polishing, and treatments add a lot to the overall expense. Plus, the moisture, rain, snow, and sun negatively affect the integrity of wooden deck tiles. 

Tanzite Stone Deck Tiles

Tanzite deck tiles are made in the same process as diamonds are formed in nature. Made from natural stones, the tanzite deck tiles are sturdy, need close to no maintenance, offer an earthy yet modern look, and are incredibly easy to install out of all options. 

Tanzite deck tiles are available in natural stone looks and various wood designs and patterns. Everyone knows that natural stone tiles are impressive and make for a fantastic aesthetically pleasing porch flooring. 

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Composite Deck Tiles

Composite deck tiles are another run-in-the-middle option available in the market. We advise taking a picture of your composite deck the day you install it because that is the best it is ever going to look. Composite deck tiles are made from wood and plastic composite. Therefore, these tiles come with all the challenges of the wooden deck tiles – as the wood composite can rot and create problems. While plastic usage increases your carbon footprint, and can also be toxic. 

Bamboo Deck Tiles

Bamboo deck tiles have a natural, non-toxic boron additive, which helps control termite damage. Though offering a good look, Bamboo is a relatively fragile option and needs a lot of care use and maintenance. 

Note: Do not use interlocking deck tiles on stairways or steps, as these are not directly attached to the flooring structure and may move – causing you to fall. It is advised to read the instruction manual carefully for any option of deck tiles you choose – to make sure they are installed properly.

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Deck Tile FAQs 

Let’s discuss a few of your questions regarding deck tiles; 

Are deck tiles a good idea?

If you want a temporary solution or renting a dull space, the deck tiles are a good option to give your outdoor living space a new life – plus, you can pick these up and take them with you when you move next. The deck tiles can be placed over existing surfaces, such as concrete, stones, gravel, grass, brick and even wood decking. The deck tiles are durable and non-slip. 

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Do decking tiles need a base?

A flat and leveled foundation is necessary for a safer, durable, sturdy deck, patio, walkway, or rooftop deck. 

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