Why Amsterdam is the Best Place to Live

Why Amsterdam is the Best Place to Live

What are the factors that make a city the best place to live? It can include the economy, culture, local people, government, and every other thing that affects happiness. So where exactly can you find all these things and live a happy life? We can tell you to look no further than Amsterdam.

Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a great city that has amazing neighborhoods and beautiful sceneries. For people who love a tech job, but don’t want to move away from the serenity of nature, Amsterdam is the best choice for them. The capital city of the Netherlands was named the best European Tech City and is the home of more than 150 information and communication technology companies. The local residents are polite, friendly, intelligent, and hospitable to everyone.

Not only the employment opportunities are on the rise in Amsterdam, but it also has one of the best living atmospheres in the world that separates it from other great cities. You can work there, earn well, enjoy weekly escapes with your family, visit world-famous art museums, historical monuments, unique architecture, and much more. You are also close to nature, so if you fancy a hike or a bike tour, it doesn’t require you to take a day off from work.

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A Wonderland for all

A city that offers the best quality of life, Amsterdam is best for all ages. Adults can enjoy the amazing nightlife in this city, kids can enjoy different playing spaces and elders can enjoy the best time of their lives after their retirement. It is indeed a city for all. If you are still not swayed, we have mentioned some great reasons why this city is the best place to live. So read this article and satisfy yourself. Start planning to finally move there.

How to get to Amsterdam

Before we start reasoning why this city is the best place to live, we would like to tell you how you can get there. You can find cheap flights to Amsterdam on renowned travel agencies’ websites. Avail of their best offer that is most suitable to you and flies to live your dreams of a happy and peaceful life. You can also book cheap flights to other destinations, along with finding other travel-related details such as accommodation, car transfers, hotels, holiday packages, and much more. Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam and make memories to cherish later.

Amsterdam – The best place to live for all

Headquarters of Tech companies

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, Amsterdam has more than 150 headquarters of tech companies. So, finding a good job there is possible. If you belong to any other industry, you can also find ample work here. 

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Great availability of public transport

Every city has some extent of transportation problem for the general public. Sometimes there is ample transport, but it is expensive. And sometimes, you may find rush hours impossible to travel. It is safe to say that Amsterdam has the best public transport is not only in Europe but also in the whole world.

This city is unique in its public transportation. There are ferries, buses, trams, trains, and metros that you can take to work and back home. The best part, there are no specific rush hours. So, you won’t have to wait in long queues for your turn just to get home quickly.

Bicycle friendly city

It is a renowned fact now but we will still mention it in our article. Amsterdam is the best city in the world to own a bicycle and take it to work, date, college, school, or any other place you want to go. A bicycle is the best way to travel. It is the least expensive and causes no damage to the atmosphere of the city. For this reason, Amsterdam has one of the best air qualities in Europe.

Near-zero language barrier

Amsterdam is one of the few cities in Europe where there is no language barrier. The majority of the people know English and speak it fluently. Even those people who don’t know much English, are always taking lessons and trying to communicate in the English language. You can also learn a bit of Dutch so that you can easily mix both the language and communicate easily with the locals.

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Cost of living

Unlike any other tech city, the cost of living in Amsterdam is comparatively lower than people imagine. You can enjoy a tax break here on your earnings, as well as the transport is way too low. Other expenses are also considerably lower than any other place in Europe.

Vibrant culture

Amsterdam is Europe’s youngest and most vibrant city. It hosts different artists and musicians each year along with other colorful festivals that you and your family can enjoy. The cultural side of Amsterdam is full of art, film, music, and theatre. There isn’t a day in the year that you cannot enjoy here.


There is no denying that Amsterdam has the richest and most unique architecture in not only Europe but also the whole world. Their houses on the side of the canals are so simple, and yet so amazing. Their design is just out of the world. The other buildings and parks are also the best and unique in their own way.

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