Is the AC not switching on? Visit Ga for air conditioning repair.


During the summers, in the scorching heat, when the sun is in full glory and emitting heat and extreme UV rays, what is your lifeline? Of course, the AC unit. It makes our home relaxed and comfortable, a respite from the outside heat. One day what if your AC stops working? Don’t freak out… There are several things that one can do to troubleshoot. But one should know why the air conditioning unit is not working and for that you need to visit GA for air conditioning repair.

Common Reasons Why the AC Won’t Turn On

There is no beep sound? Is the ac not switching on? Don’t worry. Let us check a few reasons why the AC unit stops working suddenly.

Have you checked the AC thermostat?

The thermostat is the key to communicating with your AC unit. If the thermostat is not working correctly, how will the AC unit know what to do or when to switch it on?

First things first, check the screen of the thermostat. Is it off, or is it blank? In both cases, try to switch it on. Replace the batteries and try again. There always is a possibility of dead batteries. You might need a new thermostat if it is not switching on. It is best to contact air conditioning installation services and get the thermostat checked.

Have you checked the circuit breaker?

A common issue is the circuit breaker switching off. There are times when many appliances are being used simultaneously, resulting in the circuit breaker tripping off. The circuit breaker can also trip after a heavy storm or power outage.

A simple solution will be to find the electricity panel board and look for the AC switch. If it is turned off, simply switch it on. Viola! The Ac will start working. But if it is continuously tripping off, it is best not to switch The AC on. Instead, call a technician for air conditioning repair in Blairsville, Ga.

Have you checked the AC unit’s air filter?

When was the last time you checked the air filters of your air conditioning unit? Mostly everybody is so relaxed in those cool rooms that they forget to keep a check on the basics. It mostly slips out of mind. The dust and debris accumulate on the air filter, blocking all the cool air from flowing outside and resulting in coils freezing. Hence the AC will stop cooling the house, and if it continues for a long time, the thick layer of ice will prevent the AC from switching on.

The best solution is to replace the air filters with clean ones and wait for the ice to defrost. Do not hurry as haste can cause damage to the air conditioning unit. If it still doesn’t work, visit Ga for air conditioning repair.

Have you checked the AC drainage pipe?

Do you provide continuous AC maintenance? If not, there are chances that the AC drainage pipe is clogged with dunk and dirt or is overloaded with moisture. The best way to avoid this is to switch off the electrical supply and the air conditioning unit. After that, pour a cup of clean boiling water down the drainage pipe. If this does not help, replace the line with a new one.

Has the Refrigerant leaked?

Is the air conditioning unit not cooling enough? Are you hearing any hissing sound coming from the AC? Or, despite high temperatures, the room is not cold enough, and the AC bill is shooting high. All of this can be caused due to refrigerant leaks. Mishandling a refrigerant can lead to disastrous accidents; hence it is best to call an expert technician rather than handling the situation yourself. 

After eliminating all the above mentioned issues, if the air-conditioning unit is still not working, it is best to call Wayne’s Heating and air-conditioning in GA for air-conditioning repair. They provide a quick response with quality service that offers customers the best value for money. If AC not working or switching on, do a proper air conditioning maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why hasn’t the thermostat turned on?

Ans: Try switching on the thermostat if it is off or showing a blank screen. There is a possibility that the batteries may have run down. Even after replacing the batteries, if the thermostat is not switching on, there is a possibility that you might need a thermostat replacement.

Q: Should I turn off my AC if it is not cooling?

Ans:  There might be a refrigerant leak resulting in the AC not working, or you can also check the thermostat or air filter. If still, the AC is not cooling, it is best to shut the air conditioning unit down and call Expert repair technicians immediately.

Q: Why does my AC suddenly stop working?

Ans: An array of reasons can cause your Ac to stop working. For example, there can be problems with the thermostat, air filter, condenser, compressor, etc. If the unit is ten or more years old, there is a possibility that it is time to change the air conditioning unit overall.

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