How To Make Your House Look Better With Vinyl Siding in New Orleans?

Make Your House Look Better With Vinyl Siding in New Orleans

Vinyl siding is often used for home siding since they are durable, water-resistant, and inexpensive. When you want to replace your home siding always contact the expert to have a better result and a durable one. They can recommend the best vinyl siding for your home since there are different brands of vinyl siding. You can also contact and avail of their service if you need to. 

How do you Make the Vinyl Siding Look Modern?

Modern Vinyl Siding is trending nowadays and more people are getting interested in replacing their home siding to make it look more modern. Since vinyl comes in different colors and styles you can pick wood-looking or cedar peak vinyl siding for a modern look. This way you can still retain the natural look and yet follow the new trend as well. 

How do you Spruce Vinyl Siding?

1. Paint with waterborne paint like Aura (low VOC Benjamin Moore exterior paint), possibly with an acrylic primer like Stix.

2. Rejuvenate the siding

3. Replace the siding

Ways to Make Vinyl Siding Look its Best

1. Use J-channel sparingly.

J-channel is used to hide the ends of sidings, however when using vinyl siding avoid using too much J-channel since vinyl siding expands and contracts so you need to slide them to hide the end gaps. 

2. Orient your joints correctly.

Orienting your joints correctly can avoid overlapping vinyl siding panels at the joints. Since this will not look good. So better orient from the dominant part of the house the overlapping panels. 

3. Avoid Uniform Installation Patterns.

Commonly the vinyl is being offset at panel joints by 2 ft or 3 ft, however, siding contractors had to make them random variations that are not obvious to the eye. Some manufacturers are more into making single panels apart from multi-lap panels.

4. Use long panels. 

The standard length of vinyl panels is 12 ft, however, longer panels are now produced to avoid the telltale joints, which have been reduced by 50%.

5. Keep it Straight.  

To be able to maintain the straight line, used intermittent control lines. Especially when lying up on a tall wall of vinyl, so you can avoid the waviness. However, always make sure to snap lines to give way to corner borders and other trim elements.

6. Hang it, don’t nail it. 

Since vinyl expands and contracts avoid setting nails, screws, or staples within the hem leaving heads proud of 1/16 in. Plus fasteners should be placed in the center of the slots. Not doing this can result in the warpage of the vinyl when it expands and contracts during a hot day.

7. Use Premium siding.

When choosing a vinyl brand go for the premium besides theta re not that expensive plus they can be a good choice since they have more available shades, low gloss, and stiffer profiles. You can get your money’s worth. 

8. Foam-Backed panels look better over time. 

Vinyl with rigid foam is back on the market using this can stiffen up the panels as well as keep the face looking flat and crispy. Justice note to use ribbed back surfaces since this type allows water to drain from the leaks that come from the surface. 

9. Washed periodically to remove the mold, mildew, dirt, and chalky oxidation that collects on the surface.

Washing your vinyl can avoid them from fading as well as getting damaged. So regularly clean them to remove any unwanted elements that can cause damage to them. 

So how to make your house look better with vinyl siding? The information given above can serve as your guide to able to choose the right brand of vinyl for your home siding as well as choosing the right siding contractor to install them properly. Plus after the installation makes sure to be able to do your part by giving them the maintenance they need and contacting your siding contractor if you need anything to make your vinyl look new once again. Now that you are aware of why vinyl siding is a good choice, you can now contact your siding contractor to start the replacement of your home siding. 

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