Looking For A Solar Installer? Here Are 6 Important Factors To Consider 

Solar Installer

Solar Panel Installation is a process of setting up solar panels on roofs, and structures on land, to convert solar energy into renewable electrical energy.Solar Panel Installers are also responsible for maintaining these panels and ensuring the efficiency of the machinery. 

These days finding the right Solar Panel Installer can be challenging, therefore it is important to evaluate a solar installer thoroughly, to find the right one fulfilling your needs.

So how would you choose from a plethora of solar providers in your area? Firstly let’s see the various categories of Solar Panel Installation companies that you might encounter during your  journey of “going solar”.

Below Are Different Categories Of Solar Companies :

Manufacturers Of Solar Equipment

They manufacture solar equipment that is used to install a Solar system in your home or business. They make the physical solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and other solar equipment that is necessary for installers to sell to clients.

Solar Financing Companies

Their main objective is to provide you the required solar equipment and installations ,they are partnered with different installers companies and dealers. . 

Solar Installers 

They buy solar panels and other necessary equipment required for installing your panels from solar equipment manufacturers. They have professionals who will install the equipment on your home’s rooftop or business.

They set up the photovoltaic panels. Before installing they will conduct a site evaluation to check your roof and take any mandatory measurements. They will also determine if your installation requires any special considerations.

Solar Lead Generation Companies

Solar lead generation companies focus on generating leads and sales for other types of companies within the solar power industry. They  put together contracts that are then sold to installers, dealers, and full-service providers.

Solar Dealers

They have permission to sell specific manufacturer’s solar products. Some of them have an in-house installation team, while others outsource installations to third parties.

Vertically-Integrated Companies 

Vertically-integrated companies are incharge of every step of your solar installation  process– from making the equipment to installing it all on your roof.

Full-Service Providers

As the name suggests, they do everything to get you to set up with the solar installation, except the manufacturing of equipment.

They sell solar panels and other necessary equipment, provide financing, and also perform the installation.

Seeking the best Solar Panel Installer In Your Area? 

Here is a checklist for you :

Proficiency :

Your installer should be proficient in installing solar energy systems. The easiest and quickest way to know your installer’s working standard is by checking if they pass the NABCEP test.

            NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) is a national 

            standard certification program, the top most solar installers are certified by it. 

Licence :

Your solar installers should have all the necessary licences and also insurance policies or a general electrical contractor’s licence. You have to be assured  that they possess all the necessary licences to handle the intricate wiring and electrical parts of your solar system.

Reputation Of Company :

It is extremely important to analyse the reputation of your solar panel installation company in the solar market . You should read the reviews and also check the ratings of your solar panel installation company.

Experience And Previous Records :

You would want to make sure that your solar installers are experienced. Your solar installer company should not keep you hanging by not completing the work on time. You should expect the installers to finish the work in an acceptable time frame.

The solar installers should also be able to show you some of their successful projects and satisfactory client reviews.

Warranty :

A warranty covers all problems that will come up because of incorrect installation. A wide range of warranties are offered by contractors , anywhere between 1 and 25 years of coverage.

Installation Rate Quotes :

Contractors offer a wide variety of rates for installation of solar systems. Your solar installer should charge you depending on the size of your system.

            Your solar installer company will schedule an appointment to see your home so they

            can accurately calculate prices.You should contact as many installers as possible

            and collect quotes to make sure you get the best deal.  

Final Words 

Switching to solar energy is a great investment for your home and workplace. You should have a strong relationship with your Solar Panel Installation Company. It is crucial to find a solar panel installation company that you can trust. The top most Solar Installers will work in accordance with your requirements, by understanding in depth  how solar energy  fits within the energy system of your home or business and will smartly implement it.

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