5 Pros and Cons of Wooden Flooring You Must Know

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is an elegant and classic choice for a house. It is a very durable and eco-friendly style for home aesthetics. 

Wooden flooring gives the place a very classic look. It comes in different styles, cuts and colors. Oak, walnut, maple, cherry and mahogany are mostly used species for wooden flooring.

It gives warmth to the place and increases the value of the place. In this article, we’ve shared some of the pros and cons of wooden flooring everyone should know about.

Pros of Wooden Flooring


If maintained well, wooden flooring could last even a century. Wooden flooring comes with a top protective layer which saves it from scratches and other factors. 

It is a big investment but it’s worth it. 

Easy to install 

Wooden flooring is easier to install than other flooring. And they can enhance the quality and environment of your home.

You just have to hire a professional to install it properly. 

Low maintenance 

You don’t need high maintenance for wooden flooring. Just a little Vacuum cleaning is enough for the maintenance of wooden floors and nothing much.

Wooden floors are very easy to clean. 

Aesthetic look 

Wooden flooring can add a touch of class of elegance to the house and increase its aesthetics. It gives a very fresh look to the place and gives warmth. It looks more graceful with age. 

Quality and varieties

Wooden flooring shows the quality work. The quality of wood is so good that it doesn’t need to be replaced from time to time unlike other carpets and vinyl flooring. 

And also, there are many varieties when it comes to wooden work. Every species or style is in different colours and shapes which makes it very authentic and aesthetic. 

Along with pros, there are some cons of wooden flooring as well.

Cons of Wooden Flooring 


Wooden flooring is very expensive as compared to other flooring. Because it’s made up of quality materials making it more costly than other options. And also, they are durable which makes it expensive. 

Prone to termites

Termite attack is a pretty common problem which occurs in wooden work. Because termites feed on wood and make the wood hollow. The main cause of termite attack is moisture. If your wooden floor is trapping moisture, there are high chances of termite attack. 

Non- resistant to humidity and moisture 

Moisture and humidity are a big enemy for wooden flooring. So, if you live in a humid area it might not be a good option for you. 

Wood traps moisture because it is porous which damages it. 

Not suitable for every room 

Wooden flooring is not a good option for rooms which are usually in contact with water or moisture. For example, bathroom, restroom and kitchen. So, it has very limited usage and is not suitable for every room.

Crowning and cupping

Crowning is a situation in which the wood board becomes higher than the edges. 

And in cupping, the situation is quite the opposite. The edges become higher than the centre. 

Both are caused by moisture and humidity. So, moisture is the biggest enemy for your wooden floor. It’s best to avoid any kind of water contact with the wooden floor. 

Final Words

Wooden flooring has both pros and cons. But it’s possible to choose the perfect kind of wooden floor according to your choice and environment.

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