Reasons to Get XPODs for Your Best Vaping Experience



People have smoked for hundreds of years. However, it has been proved to be one of the most harmful habits people have due to its health dangers both to smokers and those around them. Vaping came about as a safer alternative to smoking, and many smokers are switching to using electronic cigarettes. Also, those new to smoking have been starting out as vapers because vaping appeals to them because it looks more sophisticated, and leaves no odour on the vapers’ clothes and bodies. 

XPODs are one of the newest vaping devices and are also known by other names such as pod vapes, pod systems, pod mods, and others. One of the reasons vapers choose XPODs is that they are user-friendly and require no complex maintenance.

A look at the XPOD from ePuffer

The ePuffer XPOD is a great vape device, especially for beginners, but even for experienced vapers, and comes in a stick style. The vaporizer comes with a 375 mAh rechargeable battery that is internal. Moreover, the manufacturer of this sleek device has fitted it with a fast-charging USB-3 port that makes it take at the most 40 minutes to be fully charged. Another thing about the XPOD is that its cartridge capacity is 1.5 ml and has a 1.35-ohm resistance.

Vapers can choose three colours for their XPODs: Pearl, Navy, and Violet. In addition, the users get a device that employs the latest magnetic atomization technology-SNAPS, which is an award-winning technology that ePuffer has perfected. The best thing about using the XPOD from ePuffer is that their NicSalt e-juice formula, as well as its other exclusive flavours, offers the users the taste and feeling like that of smoking a traditional cigarette which can help smokers trying to quit smoking. 

Why should vapers get XPODs?

Those who want to enjoy a great vaping experience should get XPODs from ePuffer because the devices offer so many benefits. The key advantage of XPODs is that they are a fantastic option for smokers transitioning to using electronic cigarettes. This is because when one draws a puff on the vaping device, they get a direct-to-lung inhale, as they would get with a cigarette.

Below are some more reasons to choose ePuffer XPODs:

Portable and easy to have in the pocket

XPODs from this leading vape manufacturer are small devices weighing just 23 grams. This makes them easy to carry around, and their compactness allows them to occupy a small space, unlike bigger mods that may be too big for a pocket and even a bit heavy to carry everywhere.

Discreet and user-friendly

Typically, the vape pods use e-liquids with a higher PG content that offers a more subtle experience due to the reduced vapour output. They do not emit massive clouds making them perfect for stealth vaping. Thanks to this benefit, these devices are pretty popular among beginners and experienced vapers who quit smoking long ago.

Longer vaping duration 

Although XPODs are small, they come with a long-lasting battery that guarantees users long vaping sessions. Users are kept happy all day, enjoying their favourite flavours without the hassle of recharging. They can also refill their pods several times without replacing the batteries or plugging them into power. 

Intuitive to use

If you have been looking to avoid complicated buttons and menus, then you need to get XPODs because these devices come with an automatic draw. You only have to take a puff once you are ready to vape, and it fires up on sensing the airflow. Therefore, you have a more authentic experience just like smoking a traditional cigarette.


As you can see from the above discussion, vapers have so many benefits to enjoy if they get XPODs. You should get yourself the best vape pod by buying from the market leader to enjoy a great experience.

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