What are the capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based data analysis tool that combines strong Business Intelligence capabilities with self-service analytics. It automatically cleans data and provides context-based suggestions to improve data preparation and visualizations. The cloud-based software even allows you to chat with your data while analyzing it. It also generates interactive charts automatically. You can use the cloud-based data analysis tool to perform predictive analytics and planning.

Business intelligence

SAP Analytics Cloud at clariba.com/sap-analytics-cloud is considered one of the most comprehensive BI solutions today. Its features include the HANA cloud platform, data connectivity, data modeling, social collaboration, security, administration, API integration capabilities, and mobile extensions. Users can access various reports from the cloud, including those that are tailored to their business needs. Users can also schedule expert sessions or chat with an expert.

One of the most significant benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud is its flexibility. With the ability to build any report you need, you can leverage the tool’s capabilities. In addition to standard reporting, SAP Analytics Cloud also allows users to build a customized dashboard using Data Views and Planning Models. 

The SAP Analytics Cloud can perform data processing, visualization, predictive analysis, and machine learning. Users can also stitch analytics into a boardroom. Users can access multiple metrics, drill down to granular levels, and explore different scenarios. For example, users can see the results of several forecasts and run simulations to determine which options are most profitable. Then, they can decide which ones to invest in.

Data visualization

SAP Analytics Cloud is a complete data visualization solution delivered as a SaaS product. It covers all aspects of data visualization, from budget planning to augmented predictive analytics. The solution provides connectivity to diverse data sources, including real-time data and MS Excel files. Data wrangling is a process of cleaning, structuring, and enriching raw data to create a suitable format for analysis.

With the help of SAP Analytics Cloud, users can create and explore data with ease. They don’t need technical expertise to develop models – it’s as easy as adding data to a story. Users can create simple models or elaborate ones to gain insights from the data. SAP Analytics Cloud models present data in columns and rows, offering a unique perspective on data. There are no limits to how far the system can take your business.

Another important capability of SAP Analytics Cloud is data visualization. It allows you to highlight the most relevant metrics and identify off-trend records. The system also incorporates financial and operational statements into one report. This feature allows you to create custom reports and dashboards based on the data and information. This feature can also help you forecast future outcomes using artificial intelligence. The software is geared towards business power users. The UI is intuitive, and learning the software is gentle.


SAP Analytics Cloud provides users with predictive analytics and planning capabilities. It offers features like hybrid planning and driver-based planning. By combining the power of predictive analytics with planning, companies can make the most of data and drive high-performance planning. It uses advanced machine learning to give users automatic insights. 

The planning capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud are extremely powerful. The software allows enterprises to collaborate across departments and functions with the help of pre-defined templates. This solution also includes preconfigured dashboards and KPIs for revenue and cost. It also provides graphical visualizations of frequently-used metrics. Users can conduct variance analysis, version comparisons, and multi-dimensional analysis. SAP Analytics Cloud planning capabilities allow users to analyze data in various dimensions and compare them with their current state.

Augmented analytics

With SAP Analytics Cloud, businesses can automate insights and use AI to augment their business processes. Augmented analytics capabilities enable organizations to find new insights and anomalies in their data, automate workflows, and provide real-time feedback. 

Augmented analytics is an excellent tool for information explorers who are not trained in advanced analytics. This software automates data preparation, cleaning, and analysis. Augmented analytics frees up time for data scientists and empowers other analytical roles. It also enables businesses to gain insight beyond the opinions of their analysts. Further, they can use data from the cloud to make high-level decisions. This data-driven platform also provides a streamlined interface for sharing and analyzing their insights.

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