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In today’s age, quick and efficient work is the most important service any business could offer. Time is of the essence for the working class and the hard working college students. On difficult days, we all have deadlines piling up – just like our dirty laundry. Thankfully, The Laundry Cleaning Centre is always available to handle your laundry for you! Other than our services we also guide our precious customers about the best dry cleaners around their location. The next time you search for fast and efficient dry cleaners near me, you will have a list of only the best services which have affordable prices.

An exceptional dry cleaning service is provided all over the UK by The Laundryman App.

The Laundryman App

The Laundryman App is a dry cleaning and launderette that is continuously improving and introducing more and more facilities to make your laundry experience a good one. Your clothes are treated with nothing less than the best quality products, and their service is very professional. They collect, clean, and deliver your clothes at the location and time that you choose according to your convenience. Their laundry services are available in Harrogate, Manchester, and other cities.

The Laundry Cleaning Centre

The Laundry Cleaning Service is partnered with The Laundryman App. This launderette offers excellent services and ensures a quality experience. You can order online to get your laundry collected and delivered to you. They provide free pick-up and delivery services. If you are looking for any dry cleaning service near me in Leeds, The Laundry Cleaning Centre is the place to go. They promise the best treatment for your clothes that will leave them smelling fresh. The Laundry Cleaning Center is actively working in Harrogate, Leeds, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Efficient Dry Cleaning Services

An efficient dry cleaning service depends on the fastidiousness of the laundry cleaning staff. A good dry cleaning machine and high quality products decide how clean your clothes will turn out. All the dry cleaning services that we recommend have updated machinery and the best products that suit your needs. These services also have pick-up and delivery services so your time is not wasted due to any traffic. Trusting a new dry cleaning service is a difficult task, but The Laundry Cleaning Centre is here to help you.


St. Charles Dry Cleaners

St Charles Dry Cleaners have services in Islington, London, UK, too, along with other cities. Their services include dry cleaning, laundry services, ironing, and other essential services like alteration and repair. St Charles Dry Cleaners provide help with cleaning household items, such as rugs, carpets, duvets, and curtains. They’re also well equipped for cleaning items that require special care, like wedding dresses and leather jackets. Along with clothing repair, they also provide shoe repair services!

This laundry service also promotes greener earth! Their pick-up and delivery service is swift, and they promise to collect your clothes within a short time slot.


Droplet is an exceptional dry cleaning and laundry centre in Islington. They pay attention to the tiniest details and provide professional care for your clothes. To promote greener earth, all of their cleaning products are eco-friendly, and their packaging is recyclable! They provide pick-up and delivery services for your laundry so that you can save a trip and some time. Droplet laundry service ensures to treat your clothes with the utmost care and return them to you clean, fresh and folded.



Prontaclean is an established dry cleaning and laundry business with over 15 years of experience. They work to improve their quality every day. All of the clothing items they clean are hand-finished. Their Laundromat has a parking space available. Their staff is friendly and efficient in their work. The clothes you give them for cleaning will get thoroughly cleaned and ironed. They have expert solutions to even the most difficult stains. Prontaclean is an expert at dry cleaning, Leeds. Their efficient laundry services in Harrogate and nearby areas deal with more oversized items, such as household items. 

Zero Dry Time

Zero Dry Time has a dry carpet, upholstery, and hard floor cleaning specialist that deals with your clothes and provides them with the best possible care. This dry cleaning service is focused on providing you with a work quality “second to none.” Their products not only clean your stuff but also sanitise them. In case you want to see their fantastic work, they have it displayed on their website. They provide laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing services. Their dry cleaning services near me are satisfactory. They deliver your clean clothes back to you within 24 hours in Harrogate UK.

The dry cleaning services recommended by The Laundry Cleaning Centre are efficient and fast. They clean your clothes thoroughly, and even remove tough stains. They make sure to return your clothes on time. The Laundryman App only chose the best laundry services near me in Islington and Harrogate. Customer satisfaction is very important for these dry cleaning services.

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