Reductions in Melanocortin Receptor Expressions with Melanotan II


Natural hormones that generate tanned skin are being stimulated in studies of Melanotan 2 for sale to protect the skin from UV radiation that might cause skin cancer. Research has generated a more stable form of this molecule; however, the studies have not proven a safe version of this chemical.

Effects on Female Rats’ Sexual Behavior

Experiments were carried out on female rats using Melanotan II to evaluate whether or not it may affect sexual and appetitive elements of female rats’ behavior.

In order to assess the efficacy of the medication, the researchers monitored a variety of behaviors like ear wiggling, hops, darts, and solicitations. Estradiol benzonate and progesterone were administered to one group of female rats by subcutaneous injection. EB and oil were used to inoculate another group.

Male rats with uni-level chambers were used to conduct pacing studies. Plexiglas dividers with three holes allowed the female to pass through them, dividing them in half.  Three doses of EB, oil, or Melanotan II were administered to females, and their sexual activities were observed after each dose.

This research found that progesterone and Melanotan II may work together to promote sexual activity. This result suggests that melanocortin receptors may impact female animals with hypoactive sexual drive based on the behavior of the rats.

Reduced expressions of Melanocortin 3 and 4 Receptor.

Researchers in this study attempt to determine the long-term consequences on obese rats given a high-fat chow diet of continuous stimulation of central melanocortin with Melanotan.  It was shown that giving the rats six daily infusions of it reduced visceral adiposity and body weight but suppressed caloric intake.

Melanotan II was discovered to have a comparable effect on the body as CH or DIO did. Although Melanotan II and DIO caused an immediate increase in oxygen consumption in rats, CH had a delayed effect. The cholesterol levels of the Melanotan II groups were lower than those of the control group.

The Melanotan II group also experienced an increase in fat and muscular catabolism. Compared to the other groups, the DIO rats showed an improvement in cholesterol metabolism or glucose metabolism.  Animal studies may employ Melanotan II at low doses without fear of harmful side effects, thanks to ongoing research on the compound’s safety in this setting.

Social Functions

In monogamous animals, Melanotan II may be able to affect aspects such as mate choice. Prairie voles were shown to benefit from this chemical, but meadow voles did not. When oxytocin neurons in the hypothalamus activated and it increased oxytocin release, this was discovered to be connected. Males who received 10 mg/kg Melanotan II intravenously during the first seven days of life were less likely to engage in play-fighting than those who received matched controls. Adult females treated with the medication showed an increased desire for a relationship due to this.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Processes

Melanotan II in a diabetic rat model did not seem to lower blood sugar levels. Melanotan II injections resulted in fast reductions in body temperature and energy consumption. Feeding, on the other hand, was unaffected. MCR4 receptor availability seems to have little bearing on the action of Melanotan II on body temperature, which might be explained by activity at vasopressin V1a receptors. Brown adipose tissue thermogenesis was correlated with the infusion into preoptic nuclei of the medial preoptic nucleus of Melanotan II. Lipolysis and lipogenesis proteins were shown to be linked to the molecule’s expression. ¬†According to research in rats, its action may be mediated by AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).

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