How to choose side bags for college girls? The best bag models

side bags for college girl

A bag or backpack for a female student or high school student is not just a fashion accessory, but a necessary thing that should be roomy, durable and multifunctional. In the morning – for study, in the afternoon – for training, in the evening – for a meeting with friends. In the cycle of everyday affairs, everything should be at hand. There is not much time left before the start of the school year. In order not to get lost in the variety of presented models of bags, “Empire of Bags” has collected for you the best advice on how to choose the perfect side bags for college girls!

How to choose the right side bags for college girls? What should you pay attention to?

While junior and high school girls prefer brighter and more comfortable colors, high school girls and students pay more attention to stylish and trendy models when choosing accessories for study.

Basic requirements that side bags for college girls must meet:

1. Functionality. For study, it is worth choosing accessories with many divisions, departments and pockets. Thus, it will be much more convenient to distribute textbooks, notebooks, stationery and personal belongings.

2. Convenience. The bag or backpack should be comfortable and easy to use, because the student will have to spend the whole day with this accessory. Choose a model that is light in weight and has functional and easy-to-open fasteners and zippers. The bag should not only be comfortable to carry, but also clean of dirt or moisture.

3. Durability. When choosing an accessory for visiting school or university, pay attention to the strength and durability of the material from which it is made. So a bag or a backpack will not let you down at the most crucial moment and will last at least a couple of seasons.

4. Roominess. Notebooks, textbooks, snacks, stationery, wallet, smartphone, headphones … This is just a small list of what modern schoolgirls and students have to carry with them every day. For this reason, a bag or backpack must hold a large number of things.

5. Versatility. Give preference to universal models that can be worn not only for school, but also for every day. The rhythm of modern students is very dynamic – during the day you want to do everything – visit a training session, a section and be sure to meet friends.

6. Ergonomics. Don’t forget about your health. Today’s school children and college students have to carry heavy weights all day long, which puts stress on the back, shoulders or arms. Look for models that distribute weight evenly.

7. Beauty and aesthetics. A school backpack or a bag for a university should not only be functional and spacious, but also delight its owner every day! Cute backpacks are essential for trendy teenagers.

8. Style. Trendy models will fit into any wardrobe and under any clothes, they will be able to correctly place accents in the image.

The best models of side bags for college girls

Stylish classic

Modern classic models of bags are one of the most ideal options for studying. Choose accessories in basic, neutral shades from quality materials. Then your favorite bag will delight you for more than one season. Especially such models are relevant for senior students who are already working or are going to start working, since the classic bag will perfectly fit into any dress code and business wardrobe.

Universal tote

Tote is the most versatile and basic model of bags that will definitely appeal to modern young girls. Tote contains a huge number of things, it is convenient to take it with you everywhere. In addition, this bag fits any look and style – from classic to sport chic. With a tote, you can go to school, and to work, and to training, and on a date. A great option for girls who value comfort, functionality and quality!

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Shoulder bag

Traditional shoulder bags and tablet bags or messenger side bags for college girls are another great option for visiting university. Such a bag may well fit everything you need. This accessory looks feminine, stylish and beautiful. By the way, as an option, you can choose a small shoulder bag, but, for example, when there are a lot of couples or lessons, plus physical education, you can take a shopper along with the bag. So, you will be able to distribute the weight more or less evenly.

Roomy shopper

The shopper can be taken with you to study, as an independent accessory, or in addition to the main bag. The shopper is conveniently folded, you can always take it with you and use it if necessary. This is not just a shopping bag for a long time, but an independent, stylish accessory adored by young people. By the way, in the shopper it is convenient to wear replaceable shoes or clothes for physical education or the necessary equipment for visiting any section, for example, an art or music school.

Practical backpack

A backpack is the most popular and adored accessory by everyone, which is impossible not to fall in love with due to its spaciousness, convenience and beauty. High school students can choose stylish backpack models with holographic or stylish prints. Female students choose models made of natural or eco-leather, which are convenient to take with them for a walk or to a club. In addition, the backpacks themselves are ergonomic and allow you to properly distribute the weight of the carried items.

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