Signs He Thinks He’s Losing you: Is He Right About Your Feelings?

Signs He Thinks He’s Losing you

Girlfriends can sense it when their boyfriend is showing less interest. Such signs could be true. Take them seriously & start working ASAP instead of doubting your instincts.

Ask yourself if your guy has stopped chasing you. Do you feel like he is not someone whom he used to be? If you don’t want to lose him, you’ll have to make him realize what you mean to him. To do this, you’ll have to turn the tables.

Nobody in a relationship will like to feel less appreciated or ignored. If any such instance occurs, you should pause for a while and perform a value-check. Also, see if you’re still atop of his priority list and test him if he is ready to go any limits to win you back. For instance, if you tell him he is not performing as he used to do before, will he take Kamagra oral jelly just to make you happy?

Let’s check out some powerful ways to make your man get that fear of loss.

6 Ways that will make him realize he is losing you

  1. Stop doing what you always do

What could be the easiest way to let your man know he is losing you? Just stop doing things for him that you usually do.

For instance, if you drop him cute good morning or good night wishes texts, don’t do it. Don’t wait for him on the way or call him casually. Do things without getting his help.

Your goal is to wait for the moment when he starts noticing all this and ask you why you’re not doing it anymore. If you’re lucky, he will notice such routine changes soon and when he asks what you were waiting for, your answer should be:

  • “I forgot to text you”
  • “I don’t want to depend on anyone for the things I can do on my own”
  • “I am not your caretaker to call or text you to ask what you’re doing at the moment. Why should I bother you?”

If he still cares for you, you can find a panicking tone in his behavior. He would start realizing if he has done something wrong. Maybe he will try to please you with Kamagra jelly.

  1. Don’t get intimate

If you behave normally, how would he realize his mistake? Well, this technique may be quite old-fashioned but still works effectively.

How you enjoy intimacies tells a lot more about your chemistry. Getting physical with your guy signals him that you have a thing for him. Not doing it or saying no more often will make him think why you’re behaving this way.

Show less interest in intimacies & just stop doing it with him.

  1. Flirt intentionally

No guy will like to see his girlfriend getting close to some other guy like she is with him. So, when you’re out with him, try flirting with other men as much as possible. He should notice that flirty tone you never used before.

Let him take it as a wake-up call. If he is realizing what you’re trying to show him, you’ll feel his gestures and his eyes screaming, ‘don’t do this, it’s only you and no one else baby!’

  1. Don’t count on him while making plans

What about giving a clear hint by making plans without him? Arrange parties, go on a trip, hang out with your friends, and do almost everything without having him included.

Make sure he knows about this lately through your social media posts. A real guy will never tolerate such instances occurring more frequently. When he will feel less wanted, he will come to you and ask you why you’re doing all this. How dare you go everywhere without him? How can you forget him all the time? Will it not bring a smile to your face?

  1. Go for last-minute pan cancellations

Be it a date night or some erotic sessions he has planned in his head with Kamagra Jelly Australia take the charge in your hands. Wash his plans by saying no at the end-moment when he has already arrived at the place and waiting for you. Last-minute cancellations from your end are his temper-test.

If he cares, he will get angry for some time but will come to you understanding that things could happen this way too. In the opposite case, he would expect sorry from you and not talk to you anymore.

  1. Tell him you need a break

If none of the above works, tell him you need some space & it’s time for a break. Sometimes, when things are not going well, a short break is much-needed. Maybe he will realize your worth when you’re not with him. He will miss you and cannot wait for you to turn to him soon.

A gentleman will realize that he needs to change & will approach you in a way you expect him to be.

You should stick to your decision if you really want to make him realize he is losing you. Just do it. Doing a couple of the above-mentioned tips will help you know if your instincts are true or your man. If things are not getting any better, you may discuss the same. After all, a relationship does not work on assumptions, and if he is expecting something from you, you can also make efforts.

Let’s hope for the good.

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