Someone’s mother has 4 sons: north, west, and south. what is the name of the fourth son.

someone's mother has 4 sons

Someone’s Mother Has 4 Sons Riddle

Someone’s Mother Has 4 Sons Riddle explained well in this post, so keep reading.

someone’s mother has 4 sons: north, west, and south. what is the name of the fourth son.

It is the latest trending riddle nowadays. Most people give wrong answers to this riddle, only a few can answer it correctly. Even intelligent people cannot give the right answer sometimes. Someone’s mother riddle is a very famous, popular, and most asking riddle on Facebook and WhatsApp nowadays.

The actual riddle viral on Facebook and WhatsApp is somewhat like this

“someone’s mother has 4 sons: north, west, and south. what is the name of the fourth son.”

Someone’s mother has 4 sons answer

Most people instinctively answer it East. This is one of the most usual mistakes done by a majority of people. And the reason behind it is that our mindset has a precise set of four directions. This is the way the riddle deceives the people. To answer correctly, most individuals have to think deeply by reading the question again and slowly with full consideration.

What is the meaning of someone’s mother?

Let’s start with the first word: Someone, which may be anyone all over the world. When we think over it deeply, we can ascertain that the name of the fourth child is “Someone”. Therefore, we can say that this question is based on a mathematical topic called “Sequence”. This mathematical formula is very wisely used in this riddle.

Someone’s mother has four sons Social Media Trend

Similar to this riddle, another was very popular a few days ago. It was titled as “Your parents are at the door”. And the methodology of it was that if you answer the riddle incorrectly, then you have to post the riddle yourself on your profile along with any funny picture of you. The same is the case for this riddle. If you give the wrong answer like East then you have to repost this riddle. Therefore, to answer it correctly in the first attempt, you have to understand the riddle by thoughtfully concentrating on the question.


  1. When we read it carefully the description of the question it is written as someone’s mom which means the name of a person.
  2. It is the name of a person whose mother has a total of four sons.
  3. Out of four sons the name of three sons is already disclosed that they are named as South, West, and North. But the name of the fourth one is unknown.
  4. The first thing that comes to people’s minds is that it should be the name of the fourth direction i.e., East, but that is not the right answer.
  5. The most important thing to answer the riddle correctly is to look into the details of the question, so you should read the question carefully to understand what is being asked of you and what should be your answer.
  6. After reading two or three times carefully you will be able to detect the answer which is already mentioned in the question.
  7. Thus, the name of the fourth son is “Someone.”


As mentioned in the question Someone’s mother has four sons, North, West, and South the fourth son’s name is Someone. So, the correct answer understood by following the question carefully comes, “Someone.” This question is based on the mathematical topic called “Sequence” and while using this strategy we will have to neglect the rules of English.

Moreover, according to logic, the name of the fourth son should be East. But as we all know that Sequence is a counted collection of objects which allows the repetition of numbers in it. In riddles or puzzle-like questions, the method of Sequence is frequently used. 

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