How to wake someone up?

How to wake someone up

For many, the problem is waking up in the morning and going to work or just on business. It should be noted that this problem has been relevant for all ages and times, therefore, the topic will be just as relevant – how to wake someone up, what methods are available for this and which of them are the most effective.

1. Wake up the sleeping man – is it a problem?

Agree, an ideal picture – you call your child or soul mate early in the morning by name, and right there in front of you there is a man who has just woken up in an excellent mood. Have you presented? And now let’s return to reality in order to realize that such a picture is most often found in films, but not in life, but if you are still the parent of such a fabulous child or love such a wonderful person who is invigorated in the morning, then you can only be envied.

An ordinary morning and the motivation of the average person looks a little different – gloomy, sleepy faces, screams and discontent, or just a person does not shower:

  • not after the alarm went off
  • not after you shouted to him 20 times
  • not after the neighbors turned on the drill

This situation is so common and commonplace that no one is even surprised, just every day starts with a not very pleasant and good mood, and if the morning is good, then the day will be great. Let’s look at how to wake someone up so that he wakes up and you are in a good mood until the very end of the day from the very early morning. So, let’s take a closer look at all the available methods.

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2. Alarm clock to help

The easiest and most banal way available in this situation to stop is, of course, an alarm clock. There is nothing easier than just setting an alarm for a specific time and getting under it? In fact, the alarm clock does not work for everyone, and among other things, you need to know some of the rules of this case in order for the method in question to become really effective:

  • First you need to decide what melody is best for awakening. It is clear that someone needs a standard alarm clock melody, while someone needs something mega loud and “cruel”.
  • If a person has a hard time waking up, then the “light” melody on the alarm clock is not the most suitable option. In this case, you need to set a loud, “menacing” and even annoying call on the alarm clock.
  • If a person sleeps sensually enough, then you can set a very calm, beautiful melody on the alarm clock.

3. Favorite song

Another great way to wake up a sleeping person in the morning is to play his favorite song. This method is really effective in many cases, especially. If it’s a funny and very positive, loud song.

The instructions for this method are as follows:

  • Approach the sleeping person
  • Play his favorite melody on your phone, computer or other device

Leave the room or watch what the effect will be (if you stay in the room there is a chance of getting a slipper in the face for such a trick of yours, because everyone’s reaction to such an “alarm clock” is different, even if your favorite melody sounds).

Remember one more thing, the song should not start abruptly, put the sound in an ascending order, because your task is to awaken the sleeping person, and not make him a stutterer.

If a person, having heard the melody, begins to wake up, but does it slowly, then you can turn on the lighting in the room for a better effect.

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4. Morning massage

An alarm clock and a favorite song are not always a good option, because some people will simply be intimidated by a sharp and loud sound. And they definitely won’t be in a good mood in the morning. There is another option, it is very pleasant and calm – give the sleeping person a massage. This, firstly, will be unexpected, and secondly, it will be very pleasant, the body will receive physical pleasure. The sleeper is aesthetic and spiritual, and at the same time, the body will wake up in a good mood, so that the day will be really good.

Morning massage is best done as follows:

  • First you need to massage the points on the ears. It is best to do this with your thumb and forefinger. Massage is better to start with the lobes. It will be pleasant to the sleeper and will help improve blood circulation in the body.
  • Then smoothly move on to massage all parts of the spine, starting from the neck and go down lower and lower. Movements should be smooth, massage. There is no need to hit on the back with palms or fists – this option will not really appeal to a sleeping person.
  • If you decide to wake up a sleeping child, then it will be more pleasant for him if you scratch and massage his tummy. This will not frighten the child, and will help in how to wake someone up in a good mood.
  • In any case, whichever method you choose, first analyze how relevant it will become for the one you want to wake up in the morning. The reactions of each person to the same methods of awakening can be different, so it is important to consider the temperament of the sleeper here.
  • Someone will be pleased to feel the kiss of a loved one on the cheek, while the other will wake up in a cold sweat from such a touch, so it is necessary to take into account the individual reaction in any case.

It will be good for someone in the morning if they bring him a cup of hot tea or coffee in the morning, depending on preference. The other will wake up in a good mood when he hears his favorite song, and the third one needs to be hit with a pillow, but harder to wake up, because other maneuvers in this case simply do not work.

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