The 3 best portable baby beds

portable baby bed

When travelling, almost nothing happens like at home, and that’s completely normal. That’s kind of the goal, by the way: we want to get away from everyday life, break the routine, have new experiences… But that doesn’t mean that we have to reject all the foundations of our lifestyle. . This is especially true when it comes to sleep. Even if naps and nights are not in the same conditions as at home, it is still important to create an environment that encourages sleep and promotes recovery. And at the centre of this environment is the essential element: the portable baby bed.

Why opt for a portable baby bed while travelling?

Since the vast majority of hotels and even accommodations you can rent through sites like VRBO or Airbnb offer cribs, you may wonder if getting a portable crib is really necessary. In fact, it depends on your routine, the kind of trip you do and your personality.

If your child sleeps in a crib and not their bed (or yours), you’ll want to replicate the same abroad. However, not all countries have the same safety standards and some hotels offer cribs that are considered dangerous here. Also, if you place a high priority on hygiene, you may prefer a portable baby bed that you know is spotlessly clean. Plus, if you’re in an area at risk for mosquito-borne diseases, you’ll be better equipped to prevent bites with a playpen that comes with a mosquito net.

So why not pack your everyday playpen, then? Because it is probably heavy and not very compact. And if you’re flying, it’s unthinkable to take it in the cabin. So you need a travel playpen.

Inflatable mattress, folding portable baby bed or playpen?

It all depends on the age of the child. For an infant, you will definitely want a bassinet-type crib that you can keep close to you. For a baby aged six months to two years, the playpen is probably the best option since you will want to avoid baby walking alone at night in an unfamiliar environment. And between two and five years, the best solution is undoubtedly the inflatable or foldable travel or portable bed.

So, among the infinite range of models available to you, which one to choose? Discover our top 3 travelling portable beds for children and babies.

Chubbi Baby 3-in-1 Portable Baby Bed

Here’s a solution that’s out of the ordinary: a diaper bag that doubles as a changing table and a portable baby bed. In diaper bag mode, it has seven compartments to store everything you need for diaper changes, sleeping and drinking. Then simply undo the zippers of the outer panels to transform it into a changing table by placing the padded mattress on it or even into an extra baby bed by adding the cotton fitted sheet provided (and washable). It’s lightweight, carrying strap for the stroller and padded shoulder strap make it the ally of travellers, but it is preferred for short stays because of its limited comfort.

Chubbi Baby 3-in-1 portable baby bed

Picture: Amazon

KidsTime Folding Portable baby Bed with Mosquito Net

This tent-style travel cot is a convenience wonder. Compact and lightweight, it automatically deploys when the hook-and-loop strip is undone to form a breathable mosquito net tent. Then simply fold it up to transport it. You can even slip it into your backpack or carry-on — its 2.2 lbs won’t hurt you! Plus, babies will be protected from mosquitoes wherever you go, from faraway African lands to national parks on the US East Coast. Note that it is suitable for toddlers from birth to 18 months.

KidsTime Folding Portable baby Bed with Mosquito Net

Picture: Amazon

KidCo DreamPod Travel Crib

This little portable baby bed has all the advantages of a bassinet, with a compact look too! Thanks to its adjustable aluminium feet, you can lift the baby off the ground and place it at the height that suits you. Mesh sides let air circulate while zippers let you easily remove the fabric for machine washing. Plus, you can carry it on the plane by packing it in its carry bag with handles, but its weight (20 lbs) will require a bit of effort. On the other hand, it will comfortably accommodate your chick, from newborn to around 20 lbs.

KidCo DreamPod Travel baby bed

Picture: Amazon

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