Who are the primary users of ERP systems?

Who are the primary users of ERP systems

Essence and structure of ERP system

The abbreviation ERP systems is Enterprise Resource Planning, which literally translates as resource planning. In theory, such a program becomes a kind of enterprise strategy, within which the management of certain areas will be taken into account:

  • finance – tax and accounting records are maintained, a budget is planned;
  • labor personnel;
  • assets;
  • interactions with partners, maintaining a detailed history of transactions with customers.

If we talk about the practical side of such a device, then this is a system that guarantees the right software. Such as to automate one or more aspects of the organization’s work. Moreover, not only the blocks listed above are optimized, but also many other processes. All results are entered into a common database, where they will be stored for several years.

If you understand what it is – the ERP program (ERP), then this is a whole range of activities. It includes steps to:

  • creation of a management model for all flows;
  • installation and maintenance of storage equipment;
  • connecting the right software;
  • ensuring a full-fledged IT department;
  • training of users in all necessary.

Who Are The Primary Industry Users Of The ERP Systems?

Who are the primary users of ERP systems

The primary industrial users of the ERP systems include:


  • Logistics 
  • Production
  • Food industries
  • Education sector
  • Healthcare
  • Finance 
  • Retail and commerce 
  • Construction 
  • Professional services
  • Agriculture and farms
  • Business Intelligence

Who Are Business Primary Users In The ERP Systems?

Business users in the ERP system can be categorized in accordance to tiers:

  1. Tier 1 and Governmental Tier 1
  2. Tier 2 and Governmental Tier 2
  3. Tier 3
  4. Tier 4

Who Are The Primary Technology Users Of The ERP Systems?

Primary technology users ERP systems are categorized into:

  1. On-premise ERP
  2. Cloud ERP
  3. Hybrid ERP

After reading this content, you had some questions in your mind which could cause confusion, like who are the primary users of the ERP systems?, is the ERP system good for you or not?, etc. You can ask us in the comment box.

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