The Best Coolest Lighters to Keep on Hand in 2022

Coolest Lighters

What do you need for cooking, hiking, relaxing, or decorating your home? If you said lighter, you are right. The lighter offerings have so much flexibility. While essential when you’re smoking a cigar or lighting a pipe, it can also be a necessary piece of equipment for your next hike and a valuable tool to carry around in the car. It can also help you around the house with tasks like lighting candles on your partner’s birthday cake. Let’s try updating those cheap multi-colored gas station lighters you might have hidden in your drawer. Let’s find the right one for your needs with our list of bulk lighters.

Best Overall: Zippo Brass Lighter.

Durable and enjoyable, this well-engineered lighter harks back to the glory days of ancient Hollywood. Launched in 1932 and made famous by its soldiers during World War II, this project has been well documented over time. This daily use lighter provides airtight light with a unique Zippo click, so you know it works. Comb to put out flames safely.

Best Fuel-Free Choice: Q&G Dual Arc Rechargeable Lighter.

If you’re lighting a fire or using a wood-burning stove or grill, sometimes you don’t need a flame to start it. In most cases, you need a spark. This fuelless version uses a plasma arc as the “spark.” Charge the lithium-ion battery using the included USB charger. The lighter is waterproof, airtight, and collision-resistant. In addition, it shines even at high altitudes without any change.

Most Dependable: Zippo Windproof Lighter.

With a slim fit and durable steel housing, Zippo’s windproof lighter is a must-have if conditions get tough. It will awaken in any situation, making it ideal for camping or outdoor activities. The simple Zippo lighter liquid provides a smooth, reliable flame. Replace the cord and occasionally the sparking wheel to keep the light in a high position for the rest of your life.

Best for Cigars: Promise Jet Torch Lighter.

Lighting cigars sometimes requires a more robust flame than a regular cheap lighter. The lighter has a single-flame recyclable butane tank designed to ignite cigarettes cleanly, evenly, and quickly. Sewing with one button is straightforward. This is a stress-free design, so it will shine in so many ways to stand out.

Best Splurge: S.T. Dupont Minijet Chrome Grey Torch Flame Lighter.

Sleek and well-designed, this lantern-style lantern fits easily into your jeans pocket. Push on the button on the sidebar, and you will find the same flame in all cases, even at the bottom. The company even offers leather cases as optional accessories to protect your investment. Works in any weather, even if it is damp or windy. An intense flame makes it easier to light thick or dense objects such as cigarettes.

Best Candle Lighter: HiFan Rechargeable Lighter.

This long-stemmed lighter quickly reaches your candles or grill, providing a safe way to light a flame. The electric arc does not require fuel or butane to start and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can bend the neck in any direction, and it will light up or down. The child safety switches ultimately make it safer for families.

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