The Best Jobs to Get When You Move to Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia’s population is growing as more people migrate to the state capital. The most populous city in Georgia has had its population increase by almost 20% in the past ten years, and that number only continues to rise. If you’re in that group that just can’t wait to get to your new Georgia home, or if you’re still looking at Atlanta houses for sale, you probably have a lot of questions, chief among them where you’re going to work when you get here. Not to worry, though, as you have plenty of options at your disposal. Here are just a few industries that might catch your attention.


The Federal Reserve has a district headquarters in Atlanta, making the city an important site for the entire state’s finances and much of the deep South. Invesco Ltd., an independent investment management company, is also headquartered in Atlanta, and several major national banks are also housed there. This only scratches the surface of Atlanta’s offerings for those in the finance business. 

The assets of Atlanta’s financial sector are valued collectively at over $800 billion, according to some estimates. However, even if you’re simply looking to start building your career in finance, Atlanta’s many growing industries are always hiring. There’s a promising future for Atlanta’s financial sector, and it’s always looking for fresh blood to develop even further.

Film and TV

In addition to its long history in communications, Atlanta is a center of television and film production. Several major production companies have studios in Atlanta, including Turner Studios, Tyler Perry Studios, and EUC/Screen Gems Ltd., to name a few. The numerous productions from HGTV and Tyler Perry Studios, in particular, have made the city an essential port for black entertainment. 

Horror is also a significant player in the economy of Atlanta, with big shows such as Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, and Vampire Diaries being shot in Atlanta. Even the New York Times has recognized the importance of Atlanta in the horror genre. Atlanta has what you’re looking for if you’re a filmmaker or just trying to find work among filmmakers.

Healthcare and Biotechnology

The most notable healthcare organization in Atlanta is, no surprise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which oversees over 8,000 employees of many professions. As part of the burgeoning biotechnology field in Atlanta, spurred on by 2009’s BIO International Convention, Atlanta is also headquarters to plenty of research organizations in that vein, including Tempus (Cancer researcher), Genentech (Pharmaceutical researcher), and Axion Biosystems (Cellular researcher). 

There are plenty of other groups within the healthcare market in the city, including Emory University/Healthcare, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Wellstar Health Systems, Piedmont Healthcare, Northside Hospitals, and Grady Health System. Atlanta is the perfect place to be if you’re a researcher or a practitioner in healthcare science.

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