The Best Online Stores in US to Buy Used iPhones

Best Online Stores

Purchasing a used iPhone is an excellent and cost-effective option for those who want to own an Apple device without paying an extravagant amount. Nowadays, many people sell their old iPhone devices after a year or so to upgrade to a newer model. These iPhones are usually in excellent condition, and most people cannot even tell the difference between a new and a used one. However, getting a stellar quality iPhone depends on the store you choose to purchase it from. You can easily get new and used iPhones from online stores, but which store to buy them from? Since there are a number of online stores available, it can get overwhelming to find the right one. We have shared some of the best online stores in the US to buy used iPhones in this article for your ease. So, let’s dig right in without further ado.

Phone Daddy

Phone Daddy is a well-known platform where you can purchase used, refurbished, open-box, and new phones. They deal in both Android phones and Apple iPhones. You can easily get your hands on the latest iPhone models from the 13 series or a slightly older one like the Used Phone 12 unlocked. Similarly, if you want to purchase a relatively older model, like an iPhone 5S, Phone Daddy has got you covered. They make sure each used iPhone is thoroughly examined before it is added to their website for sale. You can enjoy a smooth ordering and delivery process. Moreover, their 90-day warranty is ideal for those who want to get a refund or replacement in case of a technical fault in the iPhone.


What started as an online bookshop is now the world’s most famous online site for pretty much anything and everything, known as Amazon. You won’t find anyone who uses the Internet and doesn’t know about Amazon. You can get amazing deals on clothing, toys, makeup, electronics, and whatnot at Amazon. Among other things, you can also get your hands on used iPhones on this online site. Luckily, you can find any iPhone model on Amazon at relatively lesser prices than physical stores. There are third-party sellers on Amazon selling used and refurbished iPhones which can be risky. However, buyers usually leave reviews that can be helpful in judging the authenticity and reliability of a seller.


Considered a pioneer in the world of e-commerce, eBay still stands strong in the sea of online websites selling anything and everything. eBay has been a home for DIYers, handcrafters, thrifters, and resellers. People sell their unwanted or used goods on eBay at reasonable prices, including iPhones. You can find a variety of iPhones on eBay from a number of sellers. Before you purchase an iPhone, it is essential to check the seller’s feedback. It will help you assess their credibility and avoid wasting money. When you buy from a reputable eBay seller, you get to avail the protection program, and you are covered in case of any issues.


Although not as well-known as the websites mentioned above, Swappa is making a mark in the buy and sell market. Swappa has a limited selection of iPhones compared to the more prominent marketplaces. However, they won’t disappoint you in terms of quality, and you will get a high-end used iPhone model at a reasonable price. So, if you are looking for a used Apple iPhone 12 unlocked at an affordable rate, give Swappa a chance. If you want to sell on Swappa, you can also do that for free. However, buyers are charged a small fee for purchase that is included in their final price.


GameStop has made a name in the world by selling video games and consoles. However, many people are not aware that they also sell used iPhones. They have a strong online presence, and you can easily find an online store in your state if you’re in the US. While their iPhone collection may not be as extensive as a few other options mentioned in this article, they have various great deals. Moreover, all their pre-owned products are tested and checked for any technical faults. It means you will get a perfectly functioning iPhone if you purchase from GameStop. Besides, you can exchange any item you are buying from them within 30 days or return it within a week. That’s a fair deal!

Best Buy

Best Buy has an extensive market in the US, Canada, and Mexico due to its exceptional retailer services. If you are looking for a practical online source to purchase a used iPhone at an incredibly reasonable price, consider Best Buy. You will find amazing deals on used iPhones here, but there is a catch. Most iPhones sold on Best Buy come with a carrier lock, so you will have to sign a contract with a particular network provider for 2 years. While this may be a problem for some, others may not be too bothered by it. However, if you are looking for a used unlocked iPhone for sale, you may want to look at other online stores in the US, like Phone Daddy.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading cell phones is a trend as well as a necessity. While some people change their smartphones every year to stay up-to-date, others have to do it out of necessity. The former may have plenty of extra money to purchase new models every year, the latter not so much. Most people don’t like spending too much on a smartphone, especially if they only use it for some basic functions, like call and text. Such people are more than happy to purchase used iPhones and save some money. While buying a used iPhone may be risky, you can avoid any risk by choosing a reliable online store in the US to purchase a used iPhone. Since there is a variety of options to choose from, we hope this article narrows down your research to some of the most reliable ones to avoid any scams.

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