The Different Types of Cleaning and Safety Testing Services We Offer

Cleaning and Safety Testing Services

If you are considering hiring a company for professional services J&I Grease Gone are the UK’s leading industrial cleaning specialist. From both domestic and commercial cleaning, plus a host of safety services, we are proud to deliver trustworthy solutions that comply with legal and industrial requirements.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Commercial Kitchens, Canteens and Food preparation areas must adhere to the UK’s stringent government hygiene legislation. Failure to do this can lead to fines, loss of business profitability and reputation from transmitting Viruses and Diseases. We offer kitchen deep cleaning services that cover small, medium and large kitchens for various premises, with no job too big or small. A Grease Gone commercial Kitchen Deep includes trained specialists going above and beyond to remove dirt, grime, and safety risks, while also offering cleaning services that prolong equipment’s lifespan. A comprehensive deep clean provides a wide range of benefits for industrial and commercial kitchens.

Commercial Cleaning Services

When seeking commercial cleaning services, our cleaners are fully trained for each client’s requirements. We pride ourselves on superior services to deliver 24-hour tailored cleaning services. Our trained commercial cleaning teams will come with fully equipped vans of professional cleaning supplies at a time that suits you, so there is no business disruption. We can clean any commercial premises for a deep clean, one-off, or regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.

Ventilation Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services are incomplete without Ventilation System Cleaning. This service is relevant to kitchens, offices, or even huge spaces like airports. Regular expert ventilation system cleaning is number one to ensure a work environment is safe and does not pose a fire or breathing risk. A clean and healthy ventilation system increases airflow, improves staff health while reducing allergy suffering, and prevents fire and pest issues that may impact the building and people using it. Our team are all experts, trained to keep your ventilation system sparkling by arriving at each job fully equipped with professional cleaning supplies.

ATP Testing & Monitoring Services

ATP testing services are the next level of cleanliness and maintenance. It proves precisely how clean an area is by using a specialised reading device to measure the growth of microorganisms by detecting Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Following a cleaning, one of our technicians will conduct an ATP test showing cleanliness and compliance to regulation levels of any microorganisms. They will then provide documentation of their findings. Grease Gone offers this as an independent service or following our team cleaning your space, so you can rest assured we have you covered both ways. 

Fire Damper Testing

Fire Dampers are devices located in ventilation ductwork designed to arrest the spread of fire and smoke. With such an important function, it’s even more critical that damper testing is carried out regularly and is part of your overall fire prevention maintenance regime. When properly functional, fire dampers automatically close to block fire and smoke. To close, however, there is a system in place that will release a pin and mechanism. The way to know if the detection system and mechanism work are through regular testing services. A professional check includes identification, testing, cleaning, maintenance, and record-keeping. Of course, a Gone Grease specialist can do all this and more for peace of mind. 

High-Level Cleaning

High-level cleaning is for high and hard-to-reach places. They will reduce dirt, grime and any rodent infestation in sites such as food manufacturing and distribution centres, laboratories, medical facilities, educational establishments, leisure facilities, commercial facilities, kitchens and anywhere else with high ceilings. High-level cleaning requirements vary ad must be tailored to each individual company and building, with each using different equipment, which may include:

  • A MEWP/Cherry Picker that reaches between 15m to 50m high;
  • Scissor Lifts that can reach 7m to 35m high areas;
  • A One Man Lift Platform that reaches 9.5m and is ideal for confined spaces;
  • A Mobile Scaffold Tower which is free-standing, easily movable, and can be constructed for various heights.

Janitorial Cleaning

Our Janitorial services are in high demand as it covers a broad range of services for almost any type of company and business you can think of. From schools and universities to offices and other large-scale commercial buildings, our services manage a host of facilities for various businesses. We can also offer our team members to look after your site on a full time, part time and ad-hoc basis, tailored to your company’s needs.

Outsourcing Facilities Management

Facilities Management is the maintenance of an organisation’s physical workplace. This may include the building, equipment, ventilation system, commercial kitchens, or all of the above in gyms, warehouses, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, government buildings, and many more. Whatever you need, Grease Gone can provide a first-class outsourcing service which utilises members of our trained and dedicated team. Grease Gone will ensure any facilities we manage are to the highest standard, delivering our services quickly and professionally.

Regular Domestic Cleaning Service

While Grease Gone is well-known as a commercial cleaning company, we’re also a provider of regular domestic cleaning services in and around London too. Our services aim to relieve the pressure of regular house cleaning, to take the additional pressure off your shoulders, and free up your time. Our team can adapt to your schedule and offer a tailored cleaning approach for you. You will arrive home to a clean and fresh house without hassle when selecting our weekly or biweekly cleaning sessions. 

We Offer Affordable and Efficient Services

We are known and awarded for our incredible cleaning services and affordability, no matter whether you require our domestic or commercial services. We will find an option to best suit you with our team providing cleaning services, all equipment and cleaning solutions, and a variety of complimentary in-house services. We never use or rely on third-party contractors, and instead, we train our own staff who provide all cleaning services. Every team member is a dedicated professional. Discover how we can help your London business at affordable prices.

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