The Traditional Decorative Blown Glass Chalices

Decorative Blown Glass Chalices

Venice can be considered one of the most visited cities in Europe for several reasons: its history, its prestige, its culture and art. Each year, millions of tourists come to this stunning city to enjoy the complete venetian experience which includes taking a tour through its famous narrow streets, taking a seat inside its unique gondolas, visiting places and art museums, enjoying the venetian cuisine and appreciating Murano’s glassware craftsmanship. Venice’s fascination derives from its historical urban design’s preservation: nowadays it is still possible to admire more than a glimpse of what used to be the old Venice in the Renaissance. By visiting its historical palaces and buildings, you have the chance to appreciate all the luxurious details of traditional interior design: from gorgeous mirrors up to decorative plates and goblets. The majority of those decorative pieces come from Murano, the island located North of Venice.

Murano is worldwide famous for its impeccable glassware products, each one of them handmade with traditional centuries-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. By exploring the island, you will have the opportunity to take a look at Murano’s colorful creations; each piece is unique and inimitable and will leave you stunned in awe. Among the specialties of this island’s production, we can find detailed glass sculptures, gorgeous jewelry, and drinking glasses. Perhaps the traditional glass goblets are among the most fascinating items available.

At YourMurano you can browse through our selection of luxury venetian goblets realized each day by our skilled artisans. Our models differ for their color, their shape and their uniqueness: the meticulous details are what makes our glass goblets inimitable and precious. Our masterpieces can be considered ACQUARECCIA and REGINA models, only with centuries-old technique it is possible to recreate such magnificence, imagine them in your own home! Our goblets add a touch of elegance and finesse to your home décor, drawing the attention of everyone in the room!

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