The ultimate guide to vaping

Are you a chain vaper or looking for a way to quit cigarettes? Did you end up here to copy your excellent friend who blows smoke rings in your face all day? Or did you look at a cool Dank Vape Packaging and thought, this looks like what’s missing from my life!

Well, either way, welcome. We will show you the path, and it is quite a dope one, mind you. The first rule is, don’t chain vape. Chain vaping will give you a burn you will remember for a while. Advanced Vape Kits is also the best option that makes your vaping experience memorable.

Don’t Take Short Bursts.

Most novices, especially ex-smokers, take many quick hits like they would with a tobacco cigarette. Several vapers are nicotine addicts, and chain vaping can help quench their thirsts. But this is doing more harm than good because the right way is to take long drags and then give breaks of a few minutes in between or at least a minute. 

If you are looking to kill that nicotine craving, consider swapping the juice you have with one that has a higher nicotine content.

Burnt Taste

We never said you would not run into problems! With great power comes…well, significant problems. Have you ever had a new vape taste burned after only one or two puffs? That happens rather frequently. Many vapers have experienced this at least once, which is really inconvenient. But it is usually because of a defective coil that can be changed.

High and Low Wattage

This is one of the big debates in the vaping community. But at the end of the day, it all depends on you. High powered vapes bring out thicker smoke and more flavour at the expense of a fast roasting coil and depleting juice.

If that does not bother you, by all means, go for it. Higher temperatures also lead to the e juice vaporizing at a faster rate.

Avoiding running Out

Some juices burn out faster than others. There is a claim in the community that this is because of the VG concentration. Higher VG e-liquids are denser and stiffer for coil wicks to soak up, resulting in vape pens burning out. Also, since sugar is very explosive, higher VG liquids burn more quickly, resulting in that weird sticky flavor.

Using lower VG vape liquids is best – no more than 70% is recommended. You may also upgrade your tank system to one with a more consistent wick. Vape juice with a greater sugar concentration causes the same issues with your coil.

So, in essence, there are just a few dots and lines that you need to cross, and you are good to go. Remember to use a good quality vape pen; you can generally get a fair idea from the custom vape boxes about what they have to offer. 

Also, do not try to squeeze out each drop of liquid when using the vape. This also causes a few unpleasant effects. The coils are the holy grail. Once you get the hang of cleaning them and when to replace them, you’re already a vaper. Have fun!

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