What is the experience of living abroad like and what changes after returning?


An exchange program always brings a multitude of benefits to international students. However, most valuable of all is the opportunity to experience life abroad.

This does not only weigh on the professional side, after all, the whole experience of spending time in a different country and sharing knowledge with people from all corners of the world is something transformative that, for sure, you will carry at every stage in your life.

More and more students tend to study at foreign educational institutions and, without a doubt, they bring with them much more than a powerful curriculum in their luggage. To prove this, we have separated in this post the most unforgettable experiences of those who choose to study abroad overseas and how life changes upon returning.

Want to know more about it? Take a look at the text and be surprised by the advantages!

How is the experience of living abroad?

Living abroad is going through different situations and experiencing different experiences. Check it out!

Have to take care of yourself

Coming home and the mother having already prepared that dinner, going into the room and seeing the clothes all arranged and everything clean is always very good, isn’t it? Well, my friend, those days are numbered. However, don’t see this as a problem. That time comes for everyone.

The difference with an experience of life abroad is that you have nowhere to run and you will have to find a way to fend for yourself. This is essential for your personal development. And you can be sure: in the end, this is fun and will yield many stories.

Gain more trust

There is no doubt that, after going through certain situations in a foreign country – without needing anyone’s help – confidence is what will not be lacking from now on. It will be one challenge after another, every day.

You have to adapt to the culture, climate, customs, share space with people you’ve never seen before, learn to get by in the local language, look for a job, make new friends, pay some bills, go to the supermarket alone, among other things. And then when you come back, anything that seems like a big problem to others becomes irrelevant to you.

Having friends in all corners of the world

At home, a new Australian brother. In the classroom, an Indian friend. On the beach, a walk with a New Zealand girlfriend. At the weekend, a trip with French, Canadian or Colombian neighbors. In an exchange, this is the rhythm.

Get ready to create new friendships (some for life), surrounded by people from all over the world and often in the same situation as you. And be ready to discover an incredible diversity of cultures, customs and experiences. Can you imagine having a house in every corner of the planet?

Discover countless new flavors

Well, if you intend to follow that diet of yours while living abroad, know that you will have a great challenge ahead. Everything will be new and it is very difficult to hold back the desire to taste the delights of your new city.

There are typical dishes, fruits you’ve never seen, sweets, snacks, new soft drinks, ingredients and seasonings different from what you know and an infinity of flavors, colors and smells that will make your mouth water all the time. What a difficult challenge this is, isn’t it?

Get more stamps in your passport

If you think that an exchange program is just for studying and working, you are very wrong. There is plenty of time to have fun, travel and enjoy the best that your new country has to offer. If you choose to study in Australia and New Zealand, for example, just the trip to get there is a great adventure.

Due to the distance, the routes allow you to make stops in other countries on the way and take the opportunity to explore a little of each one. And, when you get there, you don’t even have to explain the richness of the landscapes, fauna and flora that await you, do you?

Enjoy the benefits on the professional side

If companies value the education and professional qualifications of their candidates, it’s time to present your resume head-on. When you have the possibility to increase with an internship or work experience, your chances are even greater to conquer the best positions in the market.

Present more chances of getting a job in an international company

The experience of living abroad allows you to build an incredible network and see far beyond your classroom. The possibility of meeting people and friends who already work in a company in the country is great and the opportunities are real.

Citing Oceania once again as an example, New Zealand, in particular, has programs to hire immigrants, encouraged by the country’s government. Who knows, this will be your next study and work destination?

What changes when you return to your homeland?

Coming to the end of an exchange program is to start a new cycle in your home country. And the good experiences, memories, stories and learning are not only kept in memory.

They are carried in your luggage and will be important and unforgettable for your entire life. Undoubtedly, the benefits will always be in your favor at all personal and professional stages. This is the time to start a promising career full of results.

These were some tips on how an experience of life abroad is capable of building new directions for your future. No other type of experience is capable of bringing as many moments and accomplishments as an exchange program. Pack your bags and venture out on an unforgettable trip!

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