The Way of the Future: Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Trenchless Pipe Repairs

Trenchless pipe repair technology has been a boon to many property owners, who previously had to choose between invasive and expensive repairs or manageable, but more affordable ones. But there are also many people in the community who don’t understand how trenchless technology works, or how they can benefit from it.

Technology Of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless technology means using some sort of tool to install or repair underground pipes and lines without digging a big hole. Trenchless technology is kinder to the environment than open-trench excavation and is less disruptive to the people who live near the construction site.

Options For Trenchless Pipe Repair

Plumbers commonly use several trenchless pipe repair options to complete plumbing projects, such as:


Relining involves creating a new pipe within (or inserted into) a damaged one. The old, damaged pipe remains in place and the new pipe is created in place before being joined to the old pipe.

Pipe Bursting

This involves breaking the old, damaged pipe into small pieces, leaving the pieces in place, and inserting a new pipe into the cavity left behind by the broken pipe.

Pipe ramming

Pipe ramming is a process in which a new pipe is literally hammered into the ground beside or near an existing damaged pipeline. The old pipeline is disconnected, and the new one takes over service delivery.

Trenchless Pipe Repair: Benefits

When repairing a pipe, the trenchless repair is often the better choice. It is less expensive than the replacement of existing pipes because there are no excavation costs and fewer labor hours are required. Trenchless pipe repair Chicago can save you money and help you avoid unexpected costs that can arise as a result of excavating the earth.


The trenchless pipe repair industry is changing rapidly as technology continues to evolve, and older methods are quickly becoming obsolete. The younger generation of homeowners will likely favor this more efficient method, therefore the old ones will easily go into oblivion.

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