Things you need to know before buying headphones 

Today’s world is all about technology. Every day new gadget is being introduced in the market with different advanced functions. Starting with smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, computers, etc., every leading company is seen to be in a rat race to capture the market.

Headphones are one such gadget which has seen massive developments in recent years. People are seen as very much eager to buy headphones for various purposes such as attending calls, listening to music, gaming, etc. Different manufacturers have come up with different types of headphones that seek to meet the needs of users. 

Let’s look into the important things that one needs to know before buying headphones.

Types of Headphones 

It is now important to know the different types of headphones that are there in the market as this will serve as a guide to the buyer on which type of headphones he wishes to buy. Typically headphones can be either wired or wireless. The wireless headphones are also called Bluetooth headphones that come without any wire that needs to be jacked with some other device. Wired headphones are the ones that have a wire to connect them to another device like a phone or laptop or computer.

Other than that, headphones can be closed back, open back, on-ear, over-ear, in the ear and earbuds.

The closed-back headphones are the ones which do not have any open space on the back side of the headphones and hence they do not allow noise to escape. This type of headphone also does not allow external noise to enter the year giving the user better audio quality. On the other hand, the open-back headphones allow a little extra noise to escape from the environment through their open spaces. 

On-ear and over-the-ear headphones are also very popular types of headphones. The on-ear headphones are the ones that are small and are easily rested on the ear lobes. These are the common types of headphones that we generally get when we buy a smartphone. On the other hand, over-the-ear headphones are slightly bigger with larger earpads and cover almost the entire ear with the rest part on top of the user’s head. This type of headphones is best for those who listen to music for long hours or are searching for headphones for gaming. The over-the-ear headphones provide better audio quality when compared to the on-ear headphones. But the on-ear headphones are more portable and smaller and easy to carry.

The last type of headphones is earbuds. These are small and are generally equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. These are the most portable type of headphones and are increasingly becoming popular day by day.

Specifications to Check Before Purchasing Headphones 

An important specification that one needs to check before buying any headphones is the driver side of the headphone. One might have noticed 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc., written on a headphone. This is the driver size or the length of the magnetic coil used in the headphone. The larger the driver size, the better will be the sound quality of the headphone. Generally, the driver size in common headphones ranges from 8mm to 15mm. Some advanced headphones have a driver size of even more than 20 to 30mm. For example, Monoprice 110010 has 40mm, advanced drivers. 

The next thing to check is the connectivity features,  like Bluetooth, battery backup, and most importantly comfort. A good headphone should ultimately make the user feel comfortable. Lastly, price is also another important factor as most advanced headphones have prices close to 100 USD while the common headphones may range between 20 to 50 USD making them affordable ones.


We may conclude here by saying that all the factors and specifications mentioned in this context are surely to be enough to guide an individual who is willing to buy headphones. Headphones serve multiple purposes and therefore, this context has surely provided all valuable information to guide an individual to buy a headphone that can specifically serve the purposes one desires. So, one should keep the above-mentioned points before purchasing headphones.

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