Tips For Getting More Productivity From Your Turf Maintenance Equipment 

Whether you shop for new or used turf equipment to maintain your golf course, it is crucial to keep them in the best possible shape to ensure their long life. In addition, keeping the Toro golf course equipment in good shape is necessary to lower the repair and maintenance costs. Learn how you can keep up with the maintenance of the equipment, especially in the winter season.

How To Keep Up The Maintenance Of The Turf Equipment In Winter Season?

  • The first and most important focus should be all the parts of the used turf equipment that is used the most in the field. It states that you need to keep a check for any cracks or signs of wear on the equipment. 
  • Then, Relieve the tension on the belts and check for the smooth and quiet rotation of the pulley. Replace the damaged parts or use lubricants on the equipment if necessary. 
  • After that, check for the blades of the mowers. Use a new set of blades or reshape them to have a precise and clean green cut. You may instantly notice the difference between the cut from a fresh blade to a dull blade. 
  • Make sure to use fresh oil for all the equipment that is left sitting on the turf all over the winters. 
  • Use an air hose to clean the radiator coils and cool finds efficiently. 
  • Make sure to use a fuel stabilizer to make all the used turf equipment ready for the winter. 
  • Check tires of all the equipment for any leaks and fill them up to avoid uneven work due to lack of air or unequal air in each tire. 

These tips are tried and tested for keeping the Toro golf course equipment; in fact, every golf course equipment is in the best possible condition after the winters. In addition, these tips may help you save your investment for many years to come. 

When To Perform The Maintenance Process?

While the turf is regularly used for playing, it may be not easy to maintain every other piece of equipment regularly. For example, the mower would be put into work every day, making it even more difficult to spare a lot of time for its repair and maintenance. However, even a slight work on the golf course may require keeping the used turf equipment in the best condition. 

But it is best to make its maintenance your priority. You may even go for just a quick wash to clean the mower. Besides that, it is best to keep a check on the engine oil before running the motor. 

On a rainy day, make sure to take out time for lubricating the fittings and pulling off the guards. This time may even be used to clean all the golf course equipment completely. In addition, it may help you to spot any potential problem with the equipment. 

Winter is not the season of playing golf. Thus, use this period to do all the major work required by the Toro golf course equipment. It will prepare your equipment for the next season and ensure the long life of the equipment. 

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