Expert Tips to rewrite content and make it better than the original one

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If you want to rewrite article, you have to make sure that you follow expert tips and tricks. Rewriting is getting more in demand every turning day, which is why you need to master this skill.  Article rewriting is not as easy as it looks, so you should not take it lightly. In this article, we will highlight the tips and tricks that can help you paraphrase a post that you have already written in the past. Rewriting content isn’t only about adding and removing some phrases with others. Rather, it is a very complex type of writing. Some writers also consider rewriting or paraphrasing more difficult and tiring than creating a new article from scratch. 

Helpful tips for rewriting articles that you have already written!

Here are some of the ways that can help you rewrite articles with complete accuracy.

  • Reread the original post multiple times

The first and the most important tip in article rewriting is to read the original text multiple times. Reading is very important if you want to be a good writer or rephraser, for that matter. Reading the original text multiple times will help you understand what the content is about and what its core message or idea is. Sometimes the content you have written can be blanked out from your mind, so you must read it before rewriting it.

  • Write a new introductory passage

When you are rewriting an article, you must create a new introductory passage. If you are duplicating the structure, concept, or sentences of the original introduction passage, you are simply going to be accused of plagiarism. You can easily rewrite sentences of introduction to make the content look catchy. If you don’t know how to rewrite article as a whole or how to rewrite sentences to make a new introduction, you can try an online article rewriter. The rewrite tool will help to do so.

  • Add new headings & subheadings

Another tip regarding the rewriting of content is to create new headings and subheadings. If you use the headlines used in the original post, then it will simply show plagiarism. This is why experts recommend that you always change the headings of the content you have already written. This is going to give your post a new look. You can rephrase or recreate unique headings using the best online sentence rephraser.

  • Share new ideas and information 

When it comes to rewriting content, you must add new information and details related to the topic. You can add personal value to content by simply spinning it with a content spinner, paraphrasing tool. The best way to avoid plagiarism accusations is by simply sharing new ideas, information and developments related to the topic. Rephrasing the old post word by word isn’t going to do you any good or bring value. You have to ensure that you add some uniqueness to the content. 

  • Rearrange the structure of the content 

When you are creating a new article based on an original post, you have to make sure that you rearrange the structure of the post. Using the information in the same structure is going to result in structural plagiarism. This is why you need to spin the structure of the new version. You can use the same information but in different places and under different headings. Modern article rewriter can easily spin the structure of content.

  • Change the images in the content 

If the original article has images, you have to make sure that you change them. Using the same images is going to penalize the new version as well as the old one. If you want to use your article again for publishing, you have to find new images. You can use online reverse image search for hunting down relevant and royalty-free images for the new content version. Using unique and different images is also going to give your article a new look.

  • Change the conclusion of the original post

In article rewriting, you also have to ensure that the concluding passage is completely different from the original one. You can come up with a new conclusion or take it away for your readers. You can summarize the new information or ideas that you have shared in this version. You can also digitally create a new conclusion passage with the help of an online paraphrasing tool.

Expert suggestion! The most important thing that you need to focus on in article rewriting is never duplicate content. The key to successfully rewrite article is simply copying and using the ideas of the original post instead of using the sentences and putting it in the article rewriter. If you don’t know how to rewrite articles, we suggest you take help from a professional or use the best article rewriter or paraphrasing tool. Also, check plagiarism and human errors in the paraphrased version and compare it with the original one after writing!

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