Cars, other general types of machinery, and electronics at large are all assets. These types of assets have a depreciative nature and therefore lose quality over a given period. This means that a car, for example, purchased during this time, that is 2022, will not be in the same manner let’s say 10 years from now. Obviously, by that time, you will experience a troublesome power train system, weakened braking, and acceleration, low power engine, worn-out body panel and loose car parts that will be making noise as you drive. This is the reality and what you must face over that period. 

However, the rate at which depreciation happens to your car can be regulated by how well and determined you are to look after the car. If you are passionate about your car and show compassion then your car is likely to be in much higher condition 10 years from now. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t care at all, expect the worst even in the first 2 years. Looking after a car is never an easy task. Automobiles require you to be on the frequent look and show concern even on minor issues. However, you can be hit by a major catastrophe that will require quite a huge amount of cash to repair. What is that type of problem that hits you now and then? You might and will get frustrated at the end.

But don’t worry at all, we got you covered and that is why extended warranties were introduced. See, when you purchase a brand-new car, it comes with a factory warranty. This type of warranty helps the car owner by shielding him/her from unforeseen expenses and catastrophes. Calamities ring no bells! The factory warranty does not last that much and will require an “inheritant” and that can only be an extended warranty. Extended warranties can be purchased from third-party dealers or the factory itself. Third-party dealer’s car the day as they offer extended warranties that are more appealing than factory ones. Below are the top extended warranty providers and a guide on what might be the best to choose from. But first, let’s have a sneak into some of the warranty plans offered y a majority of these companies.

Diamond– Cover major parts in a car. Some cover the whole car from rear to front with an exclusion.

Platinum and titanium—This works similar to the Diamond pans above in most companies.

Gold and Gold plus-Cover powertrain parts plus other extra components as well.

Silver- Cover strictly powertrain parts.

Bronze and Aluminum– Covers technological parts such as electronics.

Motorcycles and ARV– Cover motorcycles and other all-terrain vehicles such as boats.

1. Carshield.

Carshield is the number one most trusted extended warranty provider available here in Canada and the USA. This guru in extended warranties has been in existence for quite a while now, that is almost 2 decades to be precise. With that period in the market, there is absolutely no way to doubt its services. The company has a 4-star rating according to research conducted by trust pilot with over 25,000 reviews so far. This means that the company has won lots of customers’ hearts and offers amazing service to both the car and the owner.

Carshield has over 500,000 extended warranty plans sold over the last 10 years. This cannot be a minor achievement considering how tight the competition is. Carshield offers its plans at a reasonable and fair price. If you are looking to get one then you might likely pay either $89-$150 per month. This is inclusive of the $100 deductible.


This is a fairly old extended warranty provider based on the time it began operations. That was in 2010 and has its main offices situated at Lake Forest, California. It is an A+ accredited company with very nice and appealing reviews. Out of 5 stars, Autopom is rated 4.5 which is a no-brainer and a very good rating from its customers. Autopom offers over 4 extended warranty coverage plans which come at a fair and friendly price. If you are after that peace of mind then consider Autopom.

3. Protectmycar.

Another reputable and almost over performing company that focuses on giving customers “peace of mind”. Protectmycar was founded way back in 2005 is one of the many popular extended warranty providers here in the Americas. The company does so well that customers leave behind loads of positive reviews and 5-star ratings. This is one company that assures and guarantees maximum protection. Protectmycar comes with three coverage levels which have a flexible payment system that is very friendly.

4. Carchex.

Carchex is one company that is on the top three list of the best-extended warranty providers. Since its establishment over 3 decades ago, the company has worked continuously round the clock to offer out-of-the-ordinary services. Its BBB rating is an A+ meaning that you are assured of nothing but exemplary and best services ever. Plan prices are generally low and fair with appealing payment systems as well

5. Endurance.

If you are looking for the best extensive coverage then look no further. Endurance is where you need to knock on doors. Endurance services are one of the straightforward ones and one can easily make a claim with very easy and swift steps. There are no brokers involved. Its extended warranty cost ranges from $100 to $150 per month. This is very affordable and friendly to a customer’s pocket.


If you are looking to secure your car from unforeseen breakdowns and expenses, there is no other way rather than an extended warranty. Here in Canada, there are tons of extended warranty providers, however, the ones above are the top 5 best providers. When looking to get a service, always go for a provider who offers nothing but the best with fair prices. The providers above do exactly that. Before you settle on a decision and pick on a provider, you need information about the providers. By doing so, you will land on an extended warranty provider that fits your needs right,

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