Trendsetter of the season: comfortable wedges

Trendsetter of the season

The timeless footwear staples return every fashion season! And this time, it is the comfortable footwear around the runways and fashion galleries. This fashion footwear is here for a good reason. When flats aren’t enough and heels are just a little too much. And these sandals are here as a saviour for all the ladies that prefer comfort and styling both!! It’s time to say goodbye to the uncomfortable pieces of your closet and say hello to the white wedges that are now the essential piece of summer footwear. 

Why wedges? 

  • Wedge heels were initially designed to correct heel problems. They have a joined heel and sole to support the entire foot while adding standard heels’ elegance and height. For some ladies, the extra support is a must-have!  
  • There is a greater variety of wedge sandals available. You name it; you get it: flat wedges, low wedges, high wedges, flatform wedges. The most significant benefit of wedge sandals is that they can be worn on the sand without causing you to lose your balance. 
  • The subtle height is an excellent substitute for high heels, and the broader soles make it easier to walk across uneven surfaces like sand or grass – making them ideal for a day at the beach or a park BBQ. 
  • These joined-up heel designs provide extra stability and a more extended period of comfort. So, these are great for those who struggle with regular heels. They are also a suitable pair for wearing heels for an extended period! You will find it much easier to walk in wedges. 

The trend: white wedges! What is the significance of having a pair of whites

  • A lovely pair of white shoes is a must-have for the summer and autumn seasons. They go with everything in your wardrobe: bright colours, neutral tones, jeans, trousers, and shorts – what more could you want? 
  • They can even pull off a suit. Your ethnic kurta will look great as well. 
  • Because it is so versatile, you won’t feel bad about having more than one pair in your shoe cabinet because you’ll be able to wear them every day. 
  • Perhaps the only issue is figuring out how to wear these trendy staples. They can go with almost any outfit, but only a few of these will make you stand out like a star. 
  • It’s also the ideal summer shoe, whether you’re out shopping in the streets or heading to the beach to soak up some rays. 
  • With the right pair of white wedges, you can wear anything from chinos to suits, blazers, casual summer shirts, and fashionable coats. 
  • This season, there are several ways to make your whites stand out. Whether you prefer a classic or a more party-like look, consider the white hues to style any outfit.

Since this season, whites and wedges are in the limelight; you might be pretty curious to know about the essential styling tips. We have curated a versatile list of information that can help you keep the white game on point! 

If you prefer to dress up for work but will be on your feet all day, consider wearing white wedges that are formal enough to be appropriate for work. But, make sure they can also keep you from feeling overdressed in more casual work environments. Purchase a comfortable pair of wedge heels and pair them with work-appropriate outfits such as: 

  • Wearing pants and a sleeveless top. 
  • A blouse and a pencil skirt. 
  • A skirt and a sleeveless shirt. 

If you are wearing wedges to a wedding or weekend brunch, Wedges will come in handy if the event requires you to walk through grassy or field areas, where heels would otherwise sink into the ground. Dresses and wedges in combinations like these will help you create functional and oh-so-stylish outfits: 

  • If the hem of your maxi dress is a little too long for you, pair it with wedges. 
  • Dress up a casual dress with white wedges for a fun look for brunch and weekend events. 
  • Try a floral dress for a summery pattern that looks great with wedge heels. 

With all of that inspiration, do you want to add wedges to all of your present outfits? Take a look at the fashionable options! Create your ideal summer wardrobe with a variety of stylish options for work and play. Recreate the casual and formal outfits from this guide or add your favourite trends and personal touches to make outfits your own with pieces. 

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