Top 5 Features To Look For In A Video Hosting Platform

Often when content creators are self-hosting their videos using free video hosting sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc., there are some limitations such as limited storage options, leads falling, low video reach, and limited bandwidth. To counter these limitations, paid video hosting platforms are needed.

But how to choose an ideal video host that would compile all needed features into one bundle? Don’t worry! This blog will discuss the best features to look for in a video hosting platform.

But first, let’s find out what a video hosting platform is.

What is a Video Hosting Platform

Video hosting platforms provide services that allow video content creators to upload, store and share their videos online on the servers without any trouble. It ensures that their videos are embedded for sharing, thereby letting them host & upload their videos on any third-party website, dedicated server, or cloud server.

In simple terms, these platforms increase their video reach and ensure they have a broader audience base with minimum restrictions.

Top 5 Features To Look For In A Video Hosting Platform

  1. DRM Encryption

As the name suggests, DRM or Digital Rights Management is all about managing the accessing rights of contents, including audio, video, document, and other digital content. DRM program uses specific technology to make a video private with an encryption key. Thereby ensuring that the digital content is protected from unauthorized users or pirates as they won’t be able to decrypt the video with an appropriate key. 

A video hosting platform having a DRM encryption feature minimizes the risk of video piracy as it restricts the pirates from viewing, editing, downloading & or sharing the video with the public or to other portals.

  1. Dynamic Watermarking

Dynamic watermarking, in simple terms, is an anti-piracy tool that provides an added layer of security to protect digital content. It involves embedding a text or image on content to offer it better protection over the internet. So, when content creators add a non-removable watermark to their video, it will dynamically display the watermark on the viewer’s screen.

Thus, a video hosting platform with a dynamic watermarking feature will make it easier for them to identify and catch a user potentially exposing their content on the web illegally.

  1. Online Video Player

A video hosting platform offering the best online video player will allow content creators to have more control over their videos. In other words, it lets them understand how the videos are displayed and how users engage and interact with their content.

One of the best online video players to look for in a video hosting platform is the HTML5 Video Player. It is an exceptional player that allows users to play videos on their web browsers without additional plugins. Thus, making it comfortable for both mobile and desktop viewing.

  1. Video API

A Video API is an application programming interface that allows a content creator to perform embedding and uploading of videos automatically. Video APIs are entirely flexible, and they can develop one for any purpose, such as live streaming, video playback, video on demand, and analytics.

Therefore, choose a video hosting platform having a video API that facilitates integration with databases of all kinds and supports custom development.

  1. Video analytics

A video hosting platform providing excellent video analytics helps measure the success of video content. The video analytics feature lets a content creator view video heatmaps which will give a clear picture of the critical performance parameters of their content, such as user engagement, views, average view times, conversion rates, and bounce rates.

Using this information, they can optimize and work on the necessities and transform their site into a captivating video destination.

Wrapping It Up!

Hopefully, this guide will help content creators shortlist the right video hosting platform. So instead of spending a fortune choosing the perfect video host, make sure to revise these top features mentioned above to enhance their brand consistency.

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