What are the types of Pharmacies?


Every place has its different public, different environment, different demands, and different activity. The context in which a pharmacy is located directly impacts its strategy and business model. Rural pharmacies, neighborhood pharmacies, shopping mall and 24-hour pharmacies are the different types we will discuss in this article.

The areas in which they are located also define the types of customers in a pharmacy. Customers expect different things from a pharmacy, and the pharmacy must provide them every time to live up to their expectations.

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A pharmacy in a shopping center will have a completely different design and product catalog than a rural pharmacy. Otherwise, the pharmacy would not be adapting to what its circumstances and context demand. More importantly, taking advantage of some peculiarities would allow it to multiply its benefits. 

However, for example, in a shopping mall pharmacy, the customer will value the offers and promotions very positively. In the rural pharmacy, what will be vital will be immediate pharmaceutical care, customer follow-up, and loyalty programs.

The trajectory in the sector and the knowledge of the pharmaceutical world of Canada Drugs Direct allow us to carry out a complete overview of some pharmacies. We will analyze the public, including the occasional one, their needs and tastes, the businesses around them, their weaknesses and opportunities.

In this way, we will be able to define the areas of specialization, the product catalog, and even the most appropriate style to have more chances of success. This analysis will help you know where to get your drugs. Do you want to know some types of pharmacies and their challenges?

Rural pharmacy

The rural pharmacy will have to solve the problems of a more heterogeneous profile of clients-patients. Its owners and the professionals who work in it must strive to be in constant training and learning about innovations and advances in the sector to turn the pharmacy into a professional health space since it will be the only one resident can turn to with knowledge in all areas.

Neighborhood pharmacy

This type of pharmacy has a family atmosphere, that is, close and trusting. This is what is expected of the neighborhood pharmacy and what the staff must be able to transmit to make it a profitable and competitive business. And it is only in this way that the pharmacy can convince the residents of the neighborhood that it is a suitable place to improve their health. The client of this type of pharmacy wants the pharmacist to get involved with him, solve his problems and anticipate the appearance of others, in addition, to give gifts and reward his loyalty with concrete actions.

Shopping mall pharmacy

The people who enter a pharmacy located in a shopping center will be people who start from a notable purchase predisposition. This type of client, rather than looking for a pharmacy where to buy the medicines they need, will be looking for a place where they can find para-pharmacy products to satisfy other needs. And, given your environment, offers, packs, and promotions will work perfectly to capture your attention.

Pharmacy 24h (Online Pharmacies)

More than the location, the 24h pharmacy will be conditioned by its activity hours. The pharmacy must define different strategies depending on the time slot because, depending on the time, people will come to it with a clear and specific reason who are not seeking pharmaceutical advice or people who do seek more specialized care will come. This type of pharmacy is mainly online, making it easily accessible to everyone with the internet, regardless of location.


All the types of pharmacies listed above have their merit and demerit. However, if you need an online pharmacy near me in Canada that can deliver your drugs to your location on short notice, Canada Drugs Direct is your best bet.

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