Top makeup trends in 2022 you have to try

makeup trends

Predicting fashion and beauty trends this year has been a challenge in the industry since the pandemic is still ongoing and most people are staying indoors. Makeup trends can go to more comfortable and subtle looks, or can go creative with bold colors, so in this article, we’ll be showing you the top trends in the beauty industry for 2022 that you have to try and enjoy.

Throwback makeup styles

Having a 60s or a 90s look is rising as we are getting more into muted colors such as baby pink, sage green, and powder blue. Matte finishes, neutral shades, colored eyeliners, and sharp eye makeup are also getting more popularized by influencers and celebrities. These trends can look comfortable, fresh and simple, showing subtle color yet still showing your natural facial features.

Bold colors

Vibrant and colorful shades on the eyelids and lips are getting popular all over social media. Having neutral colors enhances your natural shades and features, while bold colors bring a broad spectrum of color trends into the industry. This also shows a fun and creative side in makeup. Colors like vibrant purple, electric blue, or even a fiery orange gives more personality and edge to your look especially on special occasions.

Expressive eyes

While a global pandemic is happening, makeup and beauty enthusiasts are finding more creative ways to play with eye makeup. As we are required to wear face masks in most places, we don’t have to stop the urge to make ourselves look good and presentable in public, and eye makeup is the way to go this 2022. Going crazy with different patterns and colors can express your personality and emotions through your eyes alone, whether putting on a winged eyeliner, colored mascara, or monochrome eyeshadow, these will make our eyes tell people our expressions. Adding a pair of false lashes is also a fun way to upgrade your look.

Natural makeup

Showing your natural beauty is another trend for 2022. The use of natural looking foundation has been getting more popular these days. Looking natural doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cover some parts of your face with makeup, but having a thin layer of foundation does help even out our skin tone, therefore enhancing the look of your skin by having oil control and long wearing benefits. Adding dewy highlighter and concealer gives an even, healthy, and natural effect as well.

Support for small businesses

Aside from makeup trends, people are looking more into supporting small businesses in the makeup world. Indie brands that are promoting products for all types of skin tones and have been using organic or natural ingredients have been becoming popular since 2020 and have been multiplying, and more consumers are buying from them compared to buying from the top luxurious brands. It is about time that these small brands are being pushed into the limelight as these small companies are going for a more ethical and environment friendly approach that could make a big impact in the next generations.

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