Top Tips to Effectively Blend in Your Hair Extensions With Your Natural Hair

Have you ever been caught up with a hairdo that is too short for your liking? Do you feel you could do with a tad more volume and bounce in your hair? Or are you someone who gets quickly bored with the same old hairstyles and wants to freshen them up without making permanent changes? You should undoubtedly look into clip on hair extensions if you answered yes to these questions.

These modest yet practical additions are the quickest ways to jazz up your locks and add fullness when you are in a hurry. They are pretty simple to use: clip them into your hair, ruffle the adjoining hair a little, and you are ready!

Whether this is your first time using clip-on extensions or you’ve been sporting them for years, learning how to merge your extensions effectively is crucial to achieving the subtle, seamless look you desire.

Here are a few tips to effectively blend hair extensions with your hair.

Choosing the Right Extension Length For Proper Blending:

It is generally best to understand what you want to accomplish with your hair extensions before determining the length of hair extensions that is perfect for you.

For the most natural look, if your haircut is 2″ to 5″ inches past your shoulders, you may usually pick any length nearest to your actual hair length. Choose between the 17″ and 20″ lengths if you wish to add length. Traditional clip-in extensions in 21″ and 23″ would be ideal if your hair is longer.

Remember, if you have your heart set on one of the long extensions but your hair is on the relatively short side, blending the extensions may take longer. To cover short hair, choose a thick-set, and use different colors to add dimension and depth.

Pinning up the short hair at the nape of the neck, starting the clipping higher on top of your head, and teasing the roots before putting on the hair extensions are great ways to blend hair naturally if you have short hair.

Match Your Clip-on Extensions To The Texture Of Your Natural Hair:

Hair extensions are similar to hair products. For example, some hair products are better suited for fine hair, and others are better for thick hair. When choosing a pair of clip-on extensions, you should consider your hair texture and quality, but you should also look for a color and length that complements your natural hair.

A seamless clip-in extension is intended chiefly for women with more delicate hair. Because it might be challenging to conceal clip-in extensions with thin hair, the seamless hair extensions are almost 50% finer than regular extensions.

Use of Hair Styling Tools to Blend Your Hair Extension:

Hair straighteners and curlers assist in blending your natural hair with the extensions and hiding any bits or layers for a more organic appearance. Adopting a high-quality hairbrush to untangle your locks and keep your extensions appearing brand new is a game-changer when it pertains to blending hair extensions.

These special hair brushes are exclusively developed to keep your hair extensions tangle-free, smooth, and beautifully interwoven and are even fantastic to use on your natural hair.

Hair Extensions That Don’t Exactly Match Your Hair Can Be Blended:

Yes, it’s doable. Even if you’ve found the right color mix, extension style, and length for you, you might want to customize your hair extensions to fulfill your specific needs and desires.

If you have a lot of layers in your hairstyle, you might want to layer your clip-on hair extensions to get a more realistic blending. If you wish to adjust your hair extensions in any fashion, you should always visit a salon specialist familiar with hair extensions.

Blending Curly Hair Extensions:

While everyone loves curly hair, one of the main drawbacks is the frizziness and dryness and the dread of blending in hair extensions. Most individuals with naturally curly or wavy hair have an enhanced body at the roots, which helps cover the hair extensions’ tops.

To combat frizz, try to avoid using heat as much as possible. Depending on the tightness of your natural curls, you may tie your hair and extension as loose or tight as you wish, and you may want to change up the extension’s sizes because curls in the hair are never the exact width naturally.

Final Thoughts:

Clip-on hair extensions are an excellent way to experiment with several hairstyles without settling into one. They are simple to put on and manage, and you can achieve beautiful hairstyles from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, with such a large selection of clip-in hair extensions, you will find the right one for any style.

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