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The usage of Soma pills is quite widespread among those who suffer from muscular pain or other health issues. Soma medication is effective in relieving the symptoms, however long-term use of the drug may result in a person build up tolerance. In this case the event that a person chooses to take Soma drug for recreational reasons it is possible to develop dependence. The use and dependency of the drug could lead to addiction, which may cause the user to consume excessive amounts of the drug. This can result in a variety of potential adverse effects and negative processes in the body of the patient.

What Is Soma?

Soma is one of the types of prescription medicine doctors typically offer to patients complaining of muscles spasms, muscle discomfort, and similar conditions.

It is believed that the Soma medicine can be described as being a centrally-acting muscular relaxation. Although it is widely acknowledged that the medication works in reducing levels of pain in the muscles that patients may experience but medical professionals aren’t able to provide an exact understanding of the way in which the drug is able to cause these effects. The most popular theory is that the active ingredients alter the way nerves communicate with certain areas of the human brain. This could aid in reducing pain sensations.

What Is Pain O Soma Used For?

The medication is available as a tablet, which is consumed orally. The typical strength for prescriptions could be Carisoprodol 350 mg tablet but the dose would be contingent on the individual receiving treatment.

FDA-Approved Usage

Pain O Soma 500 mg is officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the US for the treatment patients having muscle spasms or pain. It is important to note that the FDA has not given permission for any other purpose for this particular drug.

A longer-term use can lead to a greater risk of dependence and the increase in Carisoprodol withdrawal which can occur after the patient ceases using the drug.

Off-Label Usage

Patients having musculoskeletal pain are usually given this medication by the doctor. Pain O Soma has no off-label uses considered as the appropriate pills for this. 

Is Pain O Soma Addictive?

Pain O Soma 350 mg was once thought of as to be a reliable option for the treatment of pain related to muscle. However, numerous recent reports have been released about the dangers of significant risk of addiction to the chemicals that are found in the drug.

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Physical Addiction

When someone develops tolerance to a substance that is not working, the body will no anymore function as it once did. The effects of physical dependence can include suffering after having consumed their normal dose of the medication. This is usually what prompts people to increase their dose without consulting a doctor prior to that. Some people may make use of the Soma interaction and use other substances and alcohol along with Carisoprodol.

Psychological Addiction

The adverse effects Soma pills are known to result in are typically what triggers people to develop a mental addiction. The users experience a sedative feeling that is similar to a euphoria feeling for many. After the effects have disappeared, the individual might decide to take another dose to experience the adverse effects again.

What to do in case of Soma missed dosage?

You can continue to take the dose you are scheduled to take should you happen to have not taken Soma at the times prescribed. Since this oral medication is typically taken 3 times per each day and before bed it is best to avoid double the dosage for the following dose simply because you forgot that you have taken it. But, be sure you do not skip your pills frequently or else it could impact the efficiency of Soma pills.

What will I do in case of Pain O Soma overdose?

In excess, Soma could be hazardous to your health since increasing the dose will not improve its effectiveness. If you’ve been taking multiple pills at the same time you should consult your physician immediately prior to the symptoms getting worse.

Who should not use Soma medicine?

Soma medication is not suggested to be used in the following situations:

• Patients who are allergic to Carisoprodol or taking medicines that interfere with Soma

• Serious Health Issues Patients

• People Having Age More Than 60 years

• Under 16 Children

• Pregnant or nursing women

Interactions of Pain O Soma with Other Medications

Pain O Soma 350 mg also interacts with various medicines.

Carisoprodol taken with certain medicines can increase the chance of adverse effects, including the feeling of drowsiness. Drugs that may induce drowsiness when used in conjunction with Soma are:

• Benzodiazepines (e.g., alprazolam, diazepam)

• Opioids (e.g. hydrocodone, morphine)

• Antidepressants tricyclic (e.g. Amitriptyline doxepin, etc.))

• Omeprazole

• Meprobamate

Taking Soma together with other medicines such as Rifampin or St. John’s Worth may reduce Carisoprodol’s effects.

Above list didn’t include the list of drugs that interacts with Pain O Soma. Before you take Soma make sure you inform your physician of all prescription medicines or over-the-counter medicines and vitamins, supplements or other herbs you’re taking. This will allow you to avoid possible interactions. If you have questions regarding interactions between drugs, consult to your pharmacist or doctor.

Dependence and Withdrawal

Soma is a substance that can result in physical dependence among those who aren’t. The issue of addiction is psychological and dependence is physical. The body of a user can be tolerant of Soma and get used to its presence of it. If someone suddenly ceases taking Soma and starts to take it again, they could experience withdrawal symptoms. These are the common side effects of Pain O Soma even after the usage as per doctor prescription. Because of the possibility of withdrawal-related symptoms, many physicians have patients placed on a schedule to gradually reduce their dose of Soma.

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