How can you make the most out of event invitations ?

Communication is a tricky business.Everything seems to be perfect yet it is not. The hard part of business communication is to find out what is wrong with it. You can read it a thousand times and still be at the very first conclusion you have drawn – everything is right.

So how to solve this mystery of business communication? Chill Sherlock Holmes,we are here to solve this and you need not refer to thousands of event invitation templates. All you need to do is ensure that your invitation has the following elements.

Four main Event Invitation Elements

  1. Keep an eye on details.

Every communication has two type of information; necessary one and essential one.Misunderstanding the essential information as necessary and vice versa is where the problem arise.Necessary information is the one which is important but without which you can still run the course of actions.Whereas essential information is the one without which you can not run the course of action. For example date & time,venue and duration of the event are  essential information irrespective whether your event is online or offline.

  1. Grab Attention through catchy phrases 

You get only a 5 second window to grab the attention of your potential customer.Unless your invitation has something catchy it won’t get the due attention of the users.Be creative both in terms of visual and verbal.Your catchy verbal can help you get attention in subject line but opens the email is opened both the visual and verbal plays a crucial part.Don’t make your content too long because your users might lose the interest.But if your content is required to be long then make sure you use catchy phrases at the right place to pull back the interest of users.Think from a reader’s perspective and you won’t a make a single decision wrong.

  1. Dance with Design’

As mentioned above, visuals play a crucial part.You can design a template from scratch or buy one from various marketplaces.So should you buy or make?We prefer to make our own but if you don’t have the resources or time then buying would be a better option for you.You can make your invitation more attractive with the help of GIFs or Videos.

  1. Sticky subject Line 

We have talked about the importance of the subject line in the second point but how can you make it catchy? You can make an effective subject line by making it personalized for the users.But personalized alone won’t work without the scarcity factor and curiosity.Make sure your email doesn’t take the ride to spam box.To avoid these refer to good email practices.You can also take a look at various event invitation templates used by your competitor to get ideas for catchy subject lines.


Following above four elements in your invitation can help you achieve your objective of inviting potential attendees to your event.Make sure you differentiate between essential information and necessary information.This can save you from blunders.

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