Website 101: Things You Should Know About Web Design in San Antonio

Web Design

When it comes to website design, there are a lot of factors and aspects that you have to know in order to design a website that would bring a high-quality experience to your users. You would not have to spend so much to make an amazing and useful site, you could get an affordable web design service in San Antonio Texas. There are also essential and general tips that every web designer should know to help you optimize and take full advantage of web design. This is website 101: things you should know about web design in San Antonio.

1. Optimize Web Graphics for Better Page Load Times

When you are making your website, you need to pick the proper format for your whole website so that you would easily be able to optimize the graphics of your website. This is important now because a lot of people open up websites on their mobile devices that have slow load times. 

The pictures that you pick need to be saved as PNGs and Gifs, especially when they have solid colors, but when the image that you want to use has continuous colors, then you have to save them as JPGs.

If you are looking for a tool to help you with that, there are a lot of tools that are easily made available to you without you having to optimize or lower the size of the files of your images. You have to be smart about the images that you are going to use, so limiting the number of photos that you use and then reducing the file size would help cut down the page response times.

2. Keep it Clean and Simple

Aside from being visually appealing, you need to make sure that your website is user-friendly. If you want to make sure that your website is usable and not confusing, keeping it clean and simple is the way to go because there is a chance that having way too many things going on would just distract the viewers.

While making the website, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How would this element connect with your goals, messages, and purpose?
  • With the design you are going for, do you really need this?
  • Would the users want it back if you suddenly remove this element?
  • How would this element help the user?
  • What does this element do?

3. Navigation is the Most Important Thing You Will Design

Navigation is also something that you have to put a lot of focus on because the users would be stuck on whatever page they are on if you do not have it. In creating the design of your own website, you have to put a lot of time and effort into planning the structure of the navigation, from the placement, technology, and style to the web accessibility and usability.

You need to make sure that your navigation is in a visible location. They need to be able to see it as soon as they open your page and without having to scroll up or down to see it. The design of your website also affects that because when you have a complex and unconventional design, then there is a big chance it would just end up in confusion.

4. Use Fonts Wisely and Methodically

Choosing the fonts for your website could be confusing because there are literally thousands of fonts to choose from. There are a ton of fonts out there that are web-safe, but if you do not like these font styles, then you could also consider using a progressively-enhanced web design.

Consistency is the key when it comes to using your font. You have to make sure that the headings you have on your site are obviously visually different from the text that you are using for the paragraph so that the users would easily be able to decipher the difference.

Making the page effortlessly scannable is also something you have to put focus on. You could do this by making sure that you are using white space and putting a lot of thought into the size of your fonts, the spacing of the letters, and the height of the lines.

5. Understand Color Accessibility

Use the right letter when you are making a website, look at the contrast of the colors of your background and your foreground, and make sure that the users who have low vision would still be able to effortlessly read the page.

It’s also best that you use colors that are accessible to users who have particular forms of color-blindness. There are tools like Vischeck that would help you test it out because there are some color combinations that work well together. 

There are so many more aspects that go into creating your own design for your website, and it could be highly difficult, especially when it is your first time making a website. That is why there are a lot of professional web design companies that would be able to help you, making sure that your website is usable, mobile-friendly, and optimized.

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