What Are The Benefits Of Direct Primary Care For Seniors?

Benefits Of Direct Primary Care

Many seniors have traditional health insurance or Medicare, and some may even have both. Nevertheless, many seniors claim that rising health costs mean that they can no longer get the care they need. Which is why, many are looking for special discounts or different ways to keep the cost of seeing a primary care doctor as low as possible.

Keeping that in mind, it is worth noting that many seniors are taking advantage of and looking into direct primary care. Seniors, as consumers of senior care services, sometimes have to make difficult decisions about what type of care they need to get. Direct primary care just might be the solution that many seniors are looking for.

First of all, let’s look at what direct primary care is and how it works. Then we will look at some of the amazing benefits that it has to offer to seniors.

About Direct Primary Care

Some people see the direct primary care model as essentially a payment model. You pay a medical office or a primary care doctor periodically in exchange for a defined set of primary care services. Instead of a fee-for-service insurance billing, this periodic payment can be monthly, quarterly or even yearly. It will depend on what the doctor and the family have agreed upon.

The direct primary care model can replace the traditional third-party insurance coverage and provide a direct contract between patients and medical health professionals.

Direct primary care services can include all lab and clinic services, consultation services, comprehensive care management, coordination and so much more. However, it should be noted that the period fee in direct primary care models will not include emergencies. Such models tend to be exclusive of any such costs as well.

Healthcare is not only confusing for many seniors but it can also be very costly. Many seniors now view direct primary care as the only way to afford basic healthcare, especially those who do not have health insurance or got tired of spending so much.

There are no insurance providers involved in the direct primary care process. There is a direct contract between patients and healthcare providers. Direct primary care consumers do not have to pay health insurance premiums. Patients can directly pay monthly fees to the healthcare professional.

Because of the very nature of the model, direct primary care offers a lot of benefits. Let’s look at how seniors can benefit from direct primary care.

Affordable Preventative Care with Upfront Pricing

Are you tired of paying extra for health insurance premiums? Do you worry and ask yourself questions like “does Medicare pay for adult daycare?” and “will health insurance take care of all my parents’ medical needs?” You’re not alone. Direct primary care is an easy and affordable way for seniors to get the medical care they deserve.

Moreover, direct primary care providers bundle up all the costs into one monthly fee. Seniors who require preventive care and checkups are able to get these services at a much lower cost

Monthly fee for direct primary care is usually between $35 to $80. For a lot of seniors, with limited and fixed incomes, this is much more affordable than traditional health insurance premiums.

Transparent, upfront pricing, with a monthly fee will cover unlimited visits to the doctor’s office for healthcare services. All you need to ask yourself now is “where can I find primary care offices near me that offer direct primary care services?”

Better Access and Convenience

Even with medical insurance, seniors are often required to wait days for appointments and hours in long lines to see primary care doctors. With a doctor or a medical office that offers direct primary care services, seniors can schedule appointments at their convenience. They no longer have to wait in long lines and waiting rooms for hours. This is extremely beneficial to seniors who require routine checkups and require medical attention regularly.

Primary Care Doctors Near Me

It becomes even easier if you can find a primary care doctor for seniors nearby. You can schedule next-day and even same-day visits through appointments. Seniors should have access to quick and reliable healthcare services.

On top of that, seniors can simply call, text or even video call their doctor. If these services are available, seniors can have complete access to a healthcare professional at all times.

More Freedom and Specialist Availability

Direct primary care consumers are free to choose their own doctors or medical professionals. A great deal of choice for seniors when it comes to choosing their own healthcare services provider. Choosing the right primary care doctor that you want to see is no longer an issue.

With traditional healthcare insurances, your doctor is sometimes chosen for you and your options can be very limited. Direct primary care makes it easy for seniors to see the provider they want to see, register with them and schedule visits whenever needed. It is only right that they have some say in where they receive their care.

Moreover, an insurance plan might or might not cover a specialist doctor or costs of a special treatment. However, direct primary care physicians usually have a large circle of highly qualified and experienced specialists which seniors can access whenever they need to. Seniors no longer have to go through the hassle of finding and making appointments with different doctors.

Stronger Doctor-Patient Relationships

One of the biggest benefits of receiving direct primary care is the enduring relationship with healthcare providers. A doctor-patient relationship involves vulnerability and trust, which is why it needs to be very strong.

Direct primary care providers focus on providing quality care and have much fewer patients to see per day. As the doctors have a small number of patients to deal with, they can get more of their time and energy. This helps develop a more lasting and stronger doctor-patient relationship. Seniors should not have to change doctors or go to a different medical office every time they require medical attention.

Many direct primary care doctors know their patients by name and face. Moreover, with electronic interaction, it has become even easier for doctors to regularly check up on their patients as well. Patients can receive better care as a result of doctors having more time. A moving and meaningful relationship will leave both patients and doctors more satisfied.

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