What are the Benefits of Generic Medicine and How to Pick Them?


Generic medicines and branded medicines are common in many ways with a few differences. So what is a generic medicine? New medicines formulated are patented for a certain number of years. They also receive exclusive rights for a certain number of years to market the drug. This is for them to avail the profits for the expenditure they have incurred in the research and development of the products. Once the patent period is completed, other manufactures can apply for the license to manufacture the same medicine with the same active ingredient. They are exactly the same and work in the same effective manner as the original medicine. 

Benefits  of Generic Medicine 

Many question the effectiveness or safety of generic medicines. It is to be understood that they totally are. Some of the benefits of generic medicines are mentioned next. 

Cheaper in Comparison

When compared to their branded counterparts, generic medicines are very cheaper. 


Generic medications work just as their branded counterparts. They are identical in every way to the original medicines in dosage, strength, form, quality, route of administration and effectiveness. 

Access is Easy

Generic medicines are easily available at the pharmacies and can be purchased with cash or a health card. 

How to Pick Up Generic Medicines

Generic medicines are easily available in the market. It can be availed by paying cash, using wallets or debit or credit cards. it also can be availed by using your health card. For those who are not aware of what a health card is, a health card is offered by companies.to take care of your medical expenses. It has a pre-approved limit. You can use the health card to pay at diagnostics, pharmacies, hospitals and medical centres for expenditure of your medical needs. 

If you are wondering how to health card online apply, then you just need to go to the concerned website of the company you want to seek the health card from and click on the apply button and fill in the form. Do  your research properly and know the pros and cons of the health card you are choosing, before paying the joining fees for the card. 

Benefits of a Health Card

Having access to a health card has a number of benefits. It comes with the least documentation. It can be an individual health card or a one with family coverage. It is a fully digital card and can be easily carried in your wallet or purse. You can carry it while travelling and use it if the need arises in the thousands of cities that the card can be assessed in. 

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