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SAFe Advanced Scrum master


SAFe has swiftly become one of the preferred production & completion systems for agile scaling for most companies. It stands for Scaled Agile Framework with an overstated term. Fundamentally, sAFe is a compilation of behavioral & procedure principles meant to ease the scaling of lean and agile methodologies in business.

SAFe Advanced scrum master training and certification includes learning the major components of scaled agile framework development, understanding how Scrum is facilitated throughout the venture, and studying how to perform iteration preparation.

You will also find out how to utilize scaled Agile to coach the Release Train Engineer & Agile teams so that they deliver the utmost business value that is attainable through SAFe

You will be capable to utilize the available tools to put together a high-performing group & also encourage stable improvement at both group & program levels.

Successful completion of the SASM certification and training course indicates that you are now totally equipped to perform the demanding role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe environment, so growing your value to the teams & organizations that apply SAFe.

Why go for SAFe Advanced scrum master training?

The SAFe Advanced SCRUM Master Training is course that allows candidates that exist Scrum Masters upgrade their skills in order to lead a professional agile team & apply SAFe® process in a venture. Candidate learns to sustain an interpersonal communication among teams, stakeholders & product managers, supporting program implementation & development.

Get skilled to increase engineering & DevOps practices, interact with architect, product management & stakeholders; recognize & prevent anti-patterns of Scrum and Agile in the enterprise. The SAFe Advanced Scrum master training allows candidates to build high-performing teams with the aid of useful tools.

  • Allow a SAFe® environment & instructor multi-team culture
  • Build a high-performing squad & help a constant development
  • recognize and eradicate Agile & Scrum anti-patterns
  • Adjust scaled engineering & DevOps practices, & Agile planning
  • speed up program preparation, execution, & delivery of end-to-end systems significance
  • Experience learning through Communities of practice and advanced cycles

Who Should Join this course?

This course is ideal for anyone hoping to take up the role of scrum master within an agile squad operating in a SAFe environment. Current scrum masters seeking to get improved, or team leads looking to transition into the scrum master role or release train engineers willing to get better their skills in scrum are also suitable candidates for following SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) preparation.

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Educated scrum masters that want to do a deep dive into several key areas related with facilitating a performant agile squad & graduates of the SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) course are perfect candidates for this course. If you’re previously known as a scrum master & you or your organization is now transitioning into SAFe, this course can also be of utilizing as it tackles several of the more advanced topics.

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