What Are The Different Types Of API?


If you’re a tech enthusiast or work in the field, you’ve probably heard the term “API.” More so than ever before, API now has a significant economic impact. Everywhere there is API, we use it every day. In our daily lives, we use API for various tasks, such as purchasing tickets, logging into Facebook, and making payments via PayPal. The world of APIs is vast and undoubtedly one that should explore with the Unified.cc. 

Different APIs

APIs can group according to how they handle releases.

Personal APIs

The interfaces of application software made enhance the organization’s offerings and solutions. This API development can used to create new systems outside developers’ internal ones. Even though the app is publicly accessible in this case, its user interface is only accessible to individuals working with the API publisher. The business can completely control the API used by implementing a private strategy.

API partners

Software integration between two parties uses partner APIs. Additionally, they openly advertised and distributed to the business partners who have signed the contract with the publisher. Provides partners with advantages in terms of capabilities and access data business can generate additional revenue streams.

They can also keep an eye on how exposed digital assets used in the interim. They also examine the user experience offered by the external applications use their API development. Additionally, they make sure that their apps keep their company identity.

Public APIs

APIs for developers are sometimes known as external or public APIs. Third-party developers can also access these APIs. You can spread the word about your brand through the public API programme. Furthermore, if done correctly, it enables you to earn additional money. Public APIs can also divide into two groups: Open APIs and commercial APIs.

The Open API integration capabilities are accessible to the general public and free from any limitations on usage. Additionally, it stipulates that the API’s description and supporting documentation must be accessible. It also states it possible to test and create applications for free. When it comes to commercial APIs, customers can either pay membership fees or pay as they go. Additionally, publishers provide free trials that let customers explore API integration before subscribing.

Composite API

Different service and data APIs frequently combined through composite APIs. They created by merging already-existing API methods that can complete numerous tasks with just one call. They can also keep an eye on how exposed digital assets used in the interim. Additionally, they check the user experience and provide the third-party apps that use their APIs. Additionally, they make sure that their apps keep their company identity.

How does it function?

Let’s look at an illustration better comprehend how the API functions. Let’s say you’ve launched an ABC website or app to make an airline reservation. You finished filling out the form by entering all required data, such as the departure and return dates, flight numbers, towns, and other crucial details. As soon as you submit, a list of flights with information on seat availability, departure times, prices, and many other factors will appear. However, how did it occur? It is a result of APIs.

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