What Do You Need To Get A Mortgage?

Get A Mortgage

Are you applying for a mortgage? If yes, you need to begin preparing my documents. It would help if you got a mortgage in Roseville. Ensuring you have all the documents before starting the mortgage process can help you speed up the process. Documents such as your pay stubs, assets, tax returns, bank statements, credit history, rental history, etc. The lender will require these documents to evaluate your financial situation and determine whether you can repay the loan or not.

You will be required to fill out uniform residential loan applications when applying for a mortgage from a lender. You will have to fill in the financial and personal details asked for in this form.

Here are the documents you need to have depending on your financial situation for your mortgage loan:

The below-mentioned documents will let lenders verify your income and know if you can afford mortgage payments.

Pay Stubs

Your lender will ask for the pay stubs from the last month, and pay stubs will allow him to calculate what you earn currently.

Income Tax Returns

You will be asked to show your income tax returns from the past one or two years. The lender needs to ascertain the income you have reported and is consistent throughout the last 2 or 3 years. Deductions you claimed.

You may need Form 4506-T and copies of the tax returns, which allows the lender to get your tax returns.

Bank Statements

The lender will request the bank statements, which will allow him to determine whether you will be able to cover the down payment and preserve cash reserves.

You will be asked about the source of any large money deposits. Bank statements are requested when the lender evaluates your home loan in Roseville.


The lender may also ask you to show proof of other assets, and you need to show the documents that will support your investments.

The assets need to be shown so that the lender will know about your financial status. The possession of these assets will help the lender see if you can maintain this state shortly.

Credit History

The credit report must be shown to the lender when you permit permission. Again, this will also let the lender assess the risk. If there are any negatives in your credit report, prepare a document for the statement.

W-2 Forms

The lender can ask for w-2s forms from the last one to two years. The copies of the documents you submitted with your tax returns will be required here.

Child Support or Self-employed

You may need to show at least two years of steady self-employment if you are self-employed. You can provide a copy of the contract from your client’s or business license.

If you are dependent on child support, the lender may ask you to provide proof via 1099 forms or other means. You need to show evidence that you will keep receiving the payments for at least three years from the date your mortgage or refinance Rocklin application is completed.

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