What is Making My Baby Fussy?

Numerous reasons may be troubling your infant. From the day they arrive into the world, the new parents are often confused and anxious. Naturally, every parent feels stressed when their bundle of joy cries and they aren’t able to guess the reason. However, the good news is that as time passes your baby stops fussing as they are able to indicate their needs and dislikes. There are multiple reasons that make your baby fussy. As a parent, you will soon learn the reason why your baby is crying and find the solution that makes your baby happy.

It is a fact that babies do a lot of fussing, which sometimes is intolerable. Most of the time unfortunately baby is suffering from gas pains making them uncomfortable. That is the reason some paediatricians advise to always have good quality natural ingredient-based gripe water in home. You can anytime buy KOLIK gripe water that is quite effective to alleviate any colic or gas health issues of your infant.

Now, the prime reasons that keep your baby feeling fussy:

  • They are hungry. Infants feel the hunger pangs every few hours. Sometimes you feel they are hungry all the time. It is true as babies from birth to 3 months have liquid food. They are mostly dependent on breast milk, which is easily digested compared to formula milk. If you are using a formula please make sure to provide only premium quality organic baby formula such as HiPP Pre which is full of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure the proper growth and development of your baby.
  • Feel uncomfortable. The causes are a wet diaper, uncomfortable atmosphere of the room, fearful sounds and more. Some infants seek their mother’s closeness and some like to move freely. Hence, as a parent you will soon learn the cause that triggers the fussiness. If possible, let them be active, feed them whenever they make small crying sounds, change the diapers regularly and keep the room temperature normal.
  • Unable to sleep. This condition makes the babies fussy, and their parents feel irritated. Newborn babies cry as they feel sleepy but miss the warmth of their mother’s womb, hence crying a lot to show their unhappiness. The perfect solution is to wrap the baby in the warmth of soft blankets tightly. They feel they are enclosed in the warmth of their mother’s love and sleep happily. You can switch on soothing sounds that make them feel safe and secure just like when they were in the womb.
  • Feel loneliness when they lay alone in a cradle, thus, to seek the attention of others they make sounds that start with a small cry and end with a wail if you fail to cradle the baby. The craving for attention will continue for many years however the act of how they show it will be different.

You can’t rule out their health problems. Usually, the baby suffering from an upset stomach would wimp or cry nonstop. If you are unable to determine what is making your baby fussy, it is best to visit your paediatrician for medical attention. They will diagnose any health problems immediately and the treatment is sure to keep your baby healthy and happy.

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