Vastu Shastra Tips for Creating a Perfect Bathroom in Your Home

Most Indian homeowners consult a Vastu consultant online to make their home Vastu-compliant because they believe they will bring positive energy into the home. Even those who are not mainly concerned with adhering to Vastu Shastra guidelines acknowledge that a Vastu-compliant home free of doshas may be easier to sell on the secondary market. Every room in your house has rules according to Vastu Shastra, including the direction of the rooms, colors that can be used, how to fix any flaws, etc.

This article will explain how to make your bathroom and wash area Vastu-compliant and provide you with the best bathroom and toilet tips per Vastu for home.

Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

  • According to Vastu, your home’s bathroom and toilet area must be in the north or northwest corner. Building the bathroom in the south, or even the southeast or southwest, is not recommended because it is thought to be harmful to the health of those living there.
  • The toilet should be built one to two feet above the ground. Also, remember when building that a bathroom should never be placed beneath a staircase.

Bathroom Interior Vastu

  • According to Vastu Shastra, the bathroom’s northern or eastern wall should be where mirrors are placed. Place square or rectangular mirrors at least four to five feet above the ground. The bathroom mirror should be positioned high enough so that it doesn’t reflect the toilet seat.
  • For a well-balanced appearance in the bathroom, choose wooden bathroom furniture, utility baskets, and metal light fixtures. Vastu Shastra advises choosing green décor to add a touch of nature, such as green tablecloths, towels, mats, curtains, etc.
  • Additionally, the east, north, or northeast area should be where the shower is located. Washbasins should be located in the bathroom’s east, north, or northeast corner.
  • The southeast and northwest directions are ideal for positioning appliances like a washing machine, geyser, heater, and switchboard. Vastu advises the laundry area to be placed in the room’s northwest or southwest corner. If you have exhaust fans or a window for ventilation, they must face east or northeast.
  • Avoid burning too many candles in the bathroom because they are a fire element, and the bathroom is the polar opposite of the water element.

Vastu for Bathroom Door

  • The bathroom door should be built on either the northern or eastern wall. Have a wooden door rather than a metal one. Do not keep statues of deities on the bathroom doors.
  • The bathroom’s entrance must be on either the northern or eastern wall. The door should never be in the southwest direction.

Color Vastu for Bathroom

  • Vastu Shastra advises avoiding using colors like red, dark blue, and black. Vastu does not recommend using dark colors on the bathroom floor or walls because they attract negativity.
  •  For the bathroom walls, paints like beige, cream, white or light blue are the appropriate colors.

Vastu for Water Fixtures and Toilet Seat

  • According to Vastu, a bathroom with a leaky water setting is never advantageous. Therefore, whenever the tap is not in use, think about keeping it closed. Even after it has been turned off, water dripping from the faucet, jet, or shower is deemed unlucky by Vastu because it generates negative energy.
  • As per the Vastu consultants, the commode should face either south or north when used. Both the North and the South are acceptable directions, not in the east or west, though.
  • The commode can also be positioned in the toilet with the North-South axis. Being leak-free is advantageous for both the bathroom’s Vastu and the environment, as wasting water is never a good idea.
  • A quick Vastu for home tip for thebathroom – Keeping a blue bucket in the bathroom brings good luck. Make sure the bucket is also full of water.

Plants in the Bathroom

  • A plant or two can always be placed in the bathroom to add color and freshness. According to the expert Vastu consultant online in India, placing greenery in the bathroom can help absorb negative energy. Furthermore, being around lush green plants is uplifting. A bathroom is a place for self-care and rejuvenation, so plants contribute to the calming atmosphere.
  • Choose plants that can withstand humid conditions and thrive in them. The best choice for a bathroom is a money plant because it can withstand the warm, humid environment. In addition, snake plants, aloe vera, spider plants, and ZZ plants can be kept in the bathroom. Make sure the bathroom has a window that lets in natural light, or alternately, move plants in and out of the room so that it gets sun exposure each week.


These are some important Vastu Shastra tips for homeowners to remember when building their bathroom space. We sincerely hope these Vastu tips for attached toilets and bathrooms were helpful.

If you have questions about Vastu for home, always consult the professional Vastu consultation in India for guidance.

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